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We 'stay-at-homes' are impatiently waiting for news from the World Show... I will keep looking at the results link under

Who will be the lucky winners???

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Congratulations to all the winners and all the participants! Well done!!!
Rumors say, it was an unofficial event and not under FCI.
Quite correct Christiane, the Ciruit-show was unofficial and held by the (also) unofficial breedclub ISF. The way I have understood things, the official breedclub (SISK) was not interested.
Strange...I have had the ok from this show manager and also from the judge to be aspirant judge for English Setters (34 entries). As soon as I had booked flight, hotel and car, I got another mail, that they had changed their mind and it would put too much stress on the judge to have an aspirant judge aside.
Later at the worlddogshow a norwegian judge told me to be glad about it, because participating would ban me from further 'official' shows.
No idea if this is right or not and - now - I do not care much more about it...but I have been pretty annoyed in the beginning, I must say.

regards C.
I believe the norweigian judge was correct in what he said.
The setter-world in Sweden is split, so that you can belong to the official club (SISK) dedicated only to hunting or/and to the unofficial club (ISF) that is dedicated to all other activities for irish setters.
I believe you mean Per Iversen. Yes, he was right. If you want to be a judge under FCI rules than any activity with the ISF may prevent you from that. Providing of course someone reports your action. It is a pity this club is not FCI affiliated as their shows are high quality, but very often people are judging there who do not have a judging licence.

Looking forward to having you in the ring with me in Wiesbaden in a few weeks time.

It was Tryggve Heyerdahl from Norway, with whom I have been judging Field Trial at Kongsvold some time ago. Great experience that ! About 500 nominations on a trial over the weekend - 60 judges and the first time in norwegian bird dog history that a judges couple consisted of 2 ladies (and the only 2 ladies around). They sent us to a place called Kolla Kaldvella and gave out a warning about dangerous Moschus ox and how to behave when meeting them...I did not believe until we saw the signs and actually met a flock of them;-))) But, this is off-topic here.

Looking very much forward seeing you Alenka !

Full results for Irish Red Setters at the World Dog Show can be found here:

For the club show results from today
BOB Gordon and Best in show Kilnrae Whirlwind

BOB Irish Red Setter & Best in show 2 Fairhaven Banchee Barracuda
BOS Irish Red Setter Asoftwind of the Golden Vale

Don't have full results yet from the club show ... but they will follow

All the best, Lena
When you respect when you get a excellent and do not complain than you must except a very good too.
When every one gets a very good it is just the same as you give everyone a excellent.
Sometimes they gave to easy a excellent..
Or will do the person behind the dog a favour., and that is how it goes so many times.
I do not show myselve but see it so often.

So just accept it although it is very hard to accept it is the judge his or hers opion about your dog and he or she follows just the standard.
I was there and just want to tell that there are never complaines when everyone gets a excellent even when you think that soem dogs are not worth to gta excellent.
But when a judge thinks that in his opion the Championclass does not deserve a excellent everyone is in a shock.
Sometimes dogs get placed because off the person behind it and not because off his or hers dog some other dogs are sometimes even better than the one who got placed, just because off knowing each one and you do me a favour next time you me.
That is not only with the setters but in more breeds.
And sometimes you got your excellents and cac because not many where enterd and than you can come also the easy way a Champion.
So every show is a gamble.
But this is the way I see it.
This is actually why I show as little as I can get away with and prefer to compete with my dogs in obedience instead. Making up a champion there means years of dedicated work and the dog either does it or not.
The points will vary, but never to the degree that the opinion of a show-judge does.

Showing the french bulldog Ines, she was best female with CAC on saturday at a breed-special and managed to get a GOOD exactly 24 hours later at a kennelclub show.
I can take that, the second judge just did not like her type, but to me showing is like a lottery.
The judge likes your type or he does not.
It may be your lucky day next time , on the other hand it may not.
Unfortunatly thats the way it seems to be.
In ALL breeds!
Harriet, about following the standard we had a very strong discussion about setters in Germany. Especially in IS and GS we have many very-well build, but oversized dogs.
German Kennel Club told us, that for breeds WITH a size parameter, but WITHOUT a disqualifying size in standard have to follow FCI rules. That is:
+/- 3 % is acceptable,
+/- 6 % has to be given one degree lower
and beyond +/- 6 % a dog has to be disqualified.

Now we have for example GS bitches of 72 cm, excellent build, typical heads...but far beyond standard in size.
Some judges say, they don't care for size (or teeth), others do.
We have IS from champion class with 72 cm and more, which are kindly weasured down to 71,5 cm, so they still can have a VERY GOOD...which is nevertheless a big no-go in champion class for many.
And of course, those judges who dare to follow these standard rules, are the 'bad' ones.

Some judges don't measure to avoid conflicts.;-)))), but all judges giving Certificates in Germany are asked to regard measurable and countable details.
Size and teeth is included just like number of legs...





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