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I just want to call on the knowledge of you who breed as to what is classed as a 'good' hip score?


Currently, Darcey has an endorsement on her, restricting me from breeding - well, I could but I wouldn't be able to KC register them.


When I bought her, her breeder said that she would lift it but only if she received a good hip score.


I'm only wanting to breed one, maybe two litters from her but I will be really knarked if she turns round and says no!


She's booked in for April so I just wanted to know in advance!


Thanks everyone :)



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I must admit Sue, my main concern about the whole thing is where they end up. Can you imagine finding out that one of 'your' pups was subjected to some form of abuse/neglect?


I, like my breeder, would insist that anyone taking a pup from me, would return it to me if there circumstances changed but how could you enforce that?


And, realistically, you can't go and check everyone out first before you let them have a pup.


How did you decide where they went or did you just trust your instinct?

I thought I would update your thread Emma as I had raved on about the dangers of sedatives etc on here, and wanted to let you know what our vet said when we went there this afternoon. 

I gave him the print out that the other vets had given me and he looked at me in disbelief...he said that they don't use those drugs he had been given, but even if they did, there was no way they would give the amounts that Henry had been given, he said that was enough to knock out a horse, and any dog given that much would be flat.

He has put my mind at rest about a lot of things, he gave Henry a good check over and said his heart is fine, he is in excellent condition overall, just the right weight etc., and that I really shouldn't worry about him having to have a procedure in the future that would involve any sedatives or a GA. He said that most drugs used these days are the safest they have ever had available to them.

They have put all the details onto his notes, even though they  never use those drugs, he agreed that it was a good idea to mention it just incase.

I thought it might be of interest to you :-)

every thing that Margaret said about Susie Lyus is true but I would say that poppy coped very well with the hard bit. We had our two 14 month old girls hip scored under a mild sedative asi think  james did; we went to  hampshire I was in a leaded apron as was the radiographer; radiographer had the back legs I had the front above the elbows; the more highly strung winger went in first; instant success; number 2 girl lives with her mum and aunt and us and was the tomboy;she struggled holding my hand in her mouth at one point Mariilyn got a little frustrated with my age related inability to follow simple instructions;plates were shewn to us before leaving the shed Misty 0-0 bailey 2-2;

we had had their mum xrayed at the vetinary hospital at over 3 times the cost and although the plates were usable they did not post them of vet charged 3 times what Marilyn did

I took my Irish Setter to Moy Veterinary Centre to Michelle Lingard nr Preston ( I live in Lincolnshire) they are specialists at hip scoring.The veterinary nurses know exactly what they are doing when they lay out the dog, the dog is sedated, Connie was in and out within 20 minutes. She walked out jumped in the car as though nothing had happened. Michelle the vet explained the scoring system, and her interpretation of what she anticipated what the score may be which was very accuate. The results were back within 2 weeks. All my dogs will be going to her in the future.




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