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Does anyone know when and where the next (UK) breed specific Judging Seminar will be held?


I've looked on all the breed club websites, but there's no mention anywhere. Are there any plans?


Dawn R.

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Thanks Angela, I've just applied to go on the C list, so nowhere near needing to do a seminar to go up the lists, but I'd love to do something like this for pure interest.

Do breeders/judges/exhibitors ever meet to discuss and explain the breed standard to interested parties? I've recently done the Conformation and Movement seminars, including the hands on assessment, with Frank Kane and Christina Chapman, and I would love to do something breed specific.

Dawn R.

A friend did the breed specific seminar and hasnt been judging to any great extent - she did well and passed the assessment. If there is a place I would go for it - it all helps you to learn. Might join you!




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