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For some reason, we can't find anyone in NZ who plans to breed Irish in the foreseeable future. We had a great "Gang of 4", and through genetic issues & old age, it is now a "Gang of 1", and he so misses his mates.

If anyone is either planning to breed, or knows someone who may breed soon, can they please contact me. 



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Hi Andrew

There are a couple of breeders listed on the Dogs New Zealand website Irish Setter Breeders - Fieldworthy and Lanascol Kennels - which may be a start. In Australia a lot of breeders are not advertising litters because of the COVID-19 madness. It's possibly the same in NZ. I am also left with a "Gang of 1" English Setter. Not many people visit ES now because of Facebook.

All the Best


Thanks Susan... In leaving that message, I was just making sure we had covered all the options. In the next 6 months breeders have planned, 3 x Gordon, 2 x English & 1 x Irish litters in NZ.. So even under this Covid farce, there should be some puppies available .... There is still some hope!




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