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Hi everyone and greetings again from our little part of France...

I can't believe it but every time I'm on these discussions it is for advice so I hope that you can all help.

Firstly let me say that as it is now the weekend and our vets are closed since Friday till Monday and there is NO emergency vets for our area which is why I'm looking to you our extended family.

You all remember Tiffany our beautiful setter well since her hysterectomy a couple of years ago well just today all she has done is slept and has not eaten anything not even her fav. treats also over the past few weeks she has had problems going up and down stairs and she really don't like going for long walks we used to walk at least 2 miles morning and evening but now she seems rather reluctant to walk far on top of this as mentioned previousley she has put on some extra weight which we just cant seem to shift she is now 7 years old and we don't want to loose her but both Catherine and I are getting worried now and we can't see a vet until next week  so any helpful advice or possible causes and solutions would be greatly appreciated.

We love you all

William & Catherine and Miss Tiffany xxx

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Relieved to read that you were able to have her seen by your vet and that she is on the mend.:-)

Happy to hear you got Tiffany seen by your Vet ;o) Never imagined it would be a tick causing her illness? You just never know!! Get well soon Tiffany;o))

Once again thank you to all our lovely setter friends your love and support have meant so much to us all.

Even the vet was surprised at a tick especially in February, it's awful to think that such a small bug can cause so much distress.

We love and appreciate you all xxx

Wonderful to hear Miss Tiffany is on the mend... You must be relieved. Hugs from her Irish friends :))) Flame, Ruby and Poppy

Thank you Dianne, yes greatly relieved Tiffany is sleeping soundly in her bed as we speak and is looking much, much happier.

Big hugs back to Flame, Ruby and Poppy.




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