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At last! Anton and Gina travelling to Germany!



Just wanted to let you know that I am waiting for Anton and Gina to arrive in Germany the last October Week. It was seven unbearable weeks without my darlings. Every time I saw a dog I had to swallow hard. Going for a morning jog without them felt so incomplete, so empty and pointless.


Now I am sitting here, praying for the Canine Creator to guide them here in health and safety. The trip from Australia to Germany is soooo huge!


And of course I am waiting for my partner to follow soon so the whole family is back together.


Meanwhile I made friends with a lot of dog people, and I can't wait for Anton and Gina (and partner) to join in.

We live in a dog paradise - trees, fields, greenery, just beautiful - whether they get used to the wheather??

Greetings from a happily waiting 'mum'

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so happy for you. Hope they have a safe and restful trip. How time goes since you first mentioned you were going to Germany. Wat a long trip for the darlings. Can you take them on their arrival?
Hi Ilona! Ich freue mich für dich, dass Anton und Gina (und Partner) bald in Deutschland ankommen! Die Reise ist wirklich lang, aber bald könnt ihr wieder gemeinsam laufen gehen. Lg Barbara
Good luck Ilona!!! yes, is a long trip, best of luck , they will need LOTS of cuddles when they land :)

That's excellent news!

You were so sad when you had to leave them behind and it seems like the time has flown by! (Although, I'm sure it hasn't for you!)

Here's too many happy years ahead!




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