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Hello everyone,


Was just wondering if anyone was going to the Belfast dog show on this Saturday in the Kings Hall?

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Yes,Bryony, we intend to go with Romeo. My sister Kim will be showing her boy A.J.  I know that Martina said that they intended to go as well. David & Chantal weren't sure at that stage and of course Dorothy will be there. Make sure and introduce yourself if you see any of us around the setter ring!
I will be there with my father just as a spectator though! No dog to bring!  But I'll be sure to say hello to anyone with a setter! Looking forward to it!
Hi Bryony, I hope to be there with Abbey and Cara, if my numbers etc. arrive before Saturday!! Seems everyone else got theirs, but not me yet;o((
I have mine a few days Carmel and I'm usually behind everyone else.
Thats what worries me;o( Sheila has hers and Marie has hers for her Gordon!! Will have to ring A.Brown tomorrow and make sure they have my girl's entries!! Just checked with Alexa and they have received my entries, so panic over;o)))) I shall be going to the Show;o)
Abbey,Cara and Carmel.....worth coming out of the long grass for!!!!!!!!!!
I know, I'm nearly as bad as your girls, aren't I??....And no long grass to hide in on Saturday either!
No Finn, Romeo has been there and got the t-shirt and is now enjoying a very spoiled retirement with us!
We are going too...missed it for the past two or three years...looking forward to it...could only get the midnight ferry so am glad it isn't me driving....lol....

no but it is me Dee!!!!and whats more I am laid low at the moment with labrynthitis so hopefully the dizziness will pass for Friday maybe need to add a couple of names onto my insurance :-)


Good Luck to you all - it seems such a journey so make the best of it and enjoy your day - post results when you can




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