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Dear all

has anyone experience with finding blood spots on the floor? I found them occasionally for two days and I started looking with attention. This morning I realised Oberon was dropping spots from his Willy - quite a few drops of fresh blood, before to go out for the first wee. When  back he was ok, without apparent sign of inflammation or redness in the area.. It happened again few hours later, again before to go out. Based on that, it looks to me that the bleeding  is related to urination (well, there is bleeding when he is full and not after he did his wee) but the urine is then clear in colour,  so...a puzzle..

Vet booked for tomorrow.. Has anyone ideas of what can be with this pattern? My worry is because Oberon is 7years old and not castrated, so I am wondering if this can be a sign of prostate problems..

I will share our experience after the vet visit tomorrow.. hope is nothing serious..



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thanks a lot Barbara for sharing this!! so sorry that Billy had this nasty and terrible one.. I know your beloved redhead is doing her best to keep your hearth and days on the sunny side and forgive the memory

Interesting suggestion about the Mars Coat King: I am pretty sure in the next months we will have a try on all these tools (looks as a furminator). Thanks a lot : for the time being we are just relaxing and concentrating in getting better and better : )

all the best!!!


Dear all

a short update on Oberon. All is going well: so far we did two followup ultrasounds (the last was today) and the prostate reduced to 2.5 cm  (it was 8cm when the bleeding started!)  One of the two cystis is not visible anymore, and the other is still there, but reduced to less than 2cm... 

All symptons disappeared, so we believe we are on the mend (and it looks we dont need to treat and drain the cystis separately, since they are reducing anyway after the neutering).. Is such a relief.

We are now ready to leave for holiday, and Saturday morning we will leave at 5am for the eurotunnel and then we will drive down to Corsica, camping once again!  : )))

maybe we will do another ultrasound in a couple of months - but hopefully all seems to be resolved...

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions and help!! all the best


That's great news.Enjoy your holiday with a peace of mind!

thanks , we will : ))) this year we also bought a dog cooling mat so hope Oberon  can chill out a bit in the tent : ) 

Great news indeed! Thanks for letting us know.




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