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I just wondered what type of collar you all use for on leash training for your Irish Setter?

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I am so frustrated.I have been trying to train Arthur ,now ten months old,not to pull but he does no matter what I do.Every dog I have ever had ,that I have used a Gentle Leader/Halti on, has stopped  pulling.Arthur just pulls into it,it makes no difference! I have tried the handle of the lead trick and that doesn''t work.And I have criticised others for not using one,I feel guilty!I am also trying to teach him not to pull by stopping when he does and walking the other way but he is just single minded and bloody stubborn! Coming back from the walk he doesn't pull and walks by my side so it is the excitement of going that makes him pull.Is there any solution?
You could try a headcollar called THE CANNY COLLAR.... my friend uses one on her very strong GSP and she says it has helped a lot.
Howard if I remember correctly the Halti brand of collar is sturdier than the Gentle Leader and my 77 lb IS male Shilo stopped pulling immediately once I stood my ground with that one........he also could not slip out of it which my Molly knows how to do with the Gentle Leader:).  Gentle Leader at our home is now a joke as neighbor borrowed it and her dogs chewed it....we put it on for walks just as a reminder and Molly promptly removes it so it dangles for her walks.   Hope your walks are improving and no more confrontations for poor old Fred.  Afraid two dogs is my limit on walking at once here........did that with my IS , Shilo and the Brittany, Pebbles but not sure I could manage three Irish Setter's all at once. One other thought here ...have you tried just walking Arthur by himself on the GL?  perhaps he just needs a wee bit more attention for himself right now and not so much temptation of the two other IS? 

I have always found the problem to be the other way round.

If the Gentle Leader is fitted correctly, it is impossible for it to slip. 

Halti's slip and slide around and can, as I have witnessed many times, come off over the dogs head if the dog decides to stop quickly or pull backwards.


  I should have explained that this year Molly is wearing the GL just clipped to her regular collar as a reminder...last fall she was wearing it for the first block of our walks but then walking rest of the way on just her regular collar.  Just my way of weaning her off it....and neighbors dogs really did my GL in!!  Tonight Molly walked half a mile with just her leash thrown over my shoulder with no corrections needed.....I wish we had the option of walking off lead here but unless you are far out in the country or have private property we are under leash laws here. 

   I used a Halti on both Shilo and Pebbles as at that time I had never seen a  GL here.  I must have had a good fit with both of them as never had them pull out of it .  I only used it until they were walking nicely so it has been quite a while ago.   Pebbles was fortunate to live with my Dad so he had his own private property to rule and run free on as well as his own lake.  Shilo enjoyed visiting but would try to make us walk him on lead down there....took some convincing to get him to go off on his own for a bit. He was my shadow and I think he was afraid I was going to disappear.  Interesting to hear different opinions of products that others have had success with.




Sue perhaps it is my knee injury a few years ago that makes me overly careful when walking?  I am in awe of thought of six at a time....and quite jealous of you all having parks they can be off lead to walk in ( not a dog park?) .  I would worry about other dogs attacking as it had happened a few times when I used to walk my two old gentlemen.  I can remember our Miss Molly's first night with us....she took me sidewalk surfing for sure and that was just trying to get her into the house.  How far she has come and what a delight she has been for us.  It was truly like a different dog the next time the neighbors saw her walking with me.  I do believe they thought I had flipped my wig when they saw the wild woman who came home with us that first night. 

   We were just in Austin, Texas to visit the grandsons and to my amazement they have parks right by downtown even where there are sections that dogs are allowed off lead to run and play....not a confined dog park....they also can swim in Austin Lake.  So now am trying to figure out a way of convincing my better half that next time Molly could go with us!

   You do have a good point that his dogs are expecting and eager to be off lead. I wonder if walking them as you do not always to the park might help?  or taking a different route to arrive at the park?  I did use rewards to work with all my IS on walking nicely ....and Molly loved that part....she still meets people with a sit and paw up to shake as she was taught that first week with us.  I just am afraid she can not figure out why some people do not wish to shake paws with her! 


Gencon is another type of "gentle leader" halti. I use Gencon leads on my two.




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