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I checked and this discussion has already been started on this site. I read a few comments. I could not read the complete discussion. I decided to raise this discussion again in this group because I believe every member will be sympathic. I believe it is noteworthy that debarking has been banned in the UK because this procedure is deemed as mutilation. From my research very few vets debark dogs in the USA and there are steps in place to also ban this procedure. Unfortunately Australia continues to lag way behind and never learns from the mistakes of other countries. We are supposed to be a country of animal lovers. I continue to seriously question this. 

I am seeing first hand the dreadful consequences of this barbaric, mutilating procedure performed by a vet for the convenience of an English Setter breeder. This is happening to my sweet Hammer. The consequences of this barbaric procedure could end Hammer's life. If you knew Hammer, he has an incredible temperament, he is a total gentleman, all he asks is for you to love him. When Hammer came to me on 22 November 2006 he was traumatised because his voice had been taken away from him.

Hammer became a Grand Champion for his previous owners.

I have attached a recent photo of Hammer, taken 2 days after his 10th Birthday, not a good photo but this photo shows his complete devotion to me, lying beside my computer chair, which he is doing right at this very moment. I feel humbled and privileged that this beautiful English Setter loves me so much and I hope we can get him through the trauma he is suffering. He is coughing up blood. He is struggling to breathe. He does not deserve to continue to suffer this way.

It is my opinion that debarking is a barbaric and mutilating procedure and this procedure should be banned in every country in this world. I am going to do what I can to ban this procedure in Australia. I am usually a flexible person but in this instance I will not consider any reason for debarking any dog. The problem is with the human. The problem is not with the dog.

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I know a lady who rescued a collie that was debarked before given up.  It is such a lovely dog and it is so sad when she is doing her natural thing which is herding and makes this pathetic noises which would have been her bark.  It was the first time I had even heard of this.  It is barbaric and should be banned.  Best wishes for you and your lovely dog.

OMG, I thought it had been banned worldwide, how can people that call themselves dog lovers subject a dog to this barbaric procedure?  Not only should the owners be called to justice, the vets that performed the op should be struck off.  I know it is illegal over here, but if it wasn't and I found out that my vet had performed the op, then I would most definately change vets and let them know why.

Bless your dear old lad, please give him a hug from me and Henry xx

Thank you, Sheree, Sue and Cash and Sally and Martin

I knew you would understand.

Also, I apologise to Sheree and others who commented on the last photos I uploaded on my page because I have not yet responded. I have had a lot going on at home so have not had time to visit the site. I will get back soon.

I have been worried about Hammer's throat for quite some time but there is no question about what is going on now. Hopefully Hammer will respond to the treatment and the problem can be managed.

I just gave Hammer a hug from you, Sheree, and he says "thank you very much for caring about him, and Henry too". xx

I am happy to say in this instance that I was completely unaware that "debarking" was even an option.  It is totally hideous ... I cannot imagine ANYONE doing such a horrible thing to a dog.  And believe me, I have had many a barking issue with my Cosmo but would never consider such a thing.  Best to give away your dog if you just can't bear it or manage in some way.  My Cosmo also likes to run fast and drag me along ... is the solution to cut off his legs????  I'm so sorry that Hammer was treated in such a dreadful fashion ... thank goodness he found a loving human friend. 

Dear Gigi

Thank you for caring about Hammer. We both appreciate this so much.

Bless you Susan for all what you are doing to help our dear pets!!!  If we were to "de-speak" all stupid people around us, the earth will be very quiet suddenly.

Like all of you I just cannot believe that this procedure was authorised, let alone still used, that a dog owner can be that crual to ask for it to be done is already more than horrible but that professionals like vets, who know too well the consequences, can accept to perform such a barbaric surgery, this is simply not acceptable, this is montruous.

I am so sorry that this happened to your lovely Hammer, and I hope he will respond well to his new treatment.. poor poor handsome lad... I am so very sorry that some of my human breed could pay back his love and devotion with such crual and barbaric procedures. I am really happy Hammer is under your care Susan, he cannot find a better Mum and friend. Congratulations for all your devotion Susan, big cuddles to Rose, Hammer and Hobson.

Wishing all the best for Hammer as he starts his new treatment.  I also can not understand the need to debark a dog.but all too often it is the owner's convienence that means more than what is best for the dog!!  and I would run in horror from a vet who practiced this procedure.  Just find it even harder to believe that a breeder would do this to their dogs.  I also wish you the best in getting this procedure banned in Austrailia. 

Dear Sherry

Thank you for your best wishes for Hammer. We really appreciate this.

Dear Chantal

Thank you for your kind thoughts for Hammer. He had another bad night last night. I am hoping so hard the treatment takes effect before the end of the week. For now I am concentrating on Hammer but I intend to raise this matter with the RSPCA. Tail docking has been banned in Australia yet some vets are still debarking dogs. My experience with Hammer is that he is not a nuisance barker. None of my English Setters have ever been nuisance barkers. I don't think the breed is like this. An English Setter only barks for a specific reason.

Lots of good wishes and hugs to you from Hammer, Rose, Hobson and their mum

I'm surprised the previous owner debarked Hammer what state of Aus was the dog in ,you are not allowed to show debarked dogs in Vic
This is interesting, Peter. I did not know this. Hammer was shown in Vic and he was debarked in Vic. I don't know when he was debarked but I know Hammer won BIS at his last show only days before he was desexed in Vic. He was not debarked the day he was desexed so he was still being shown after he had been debarked. The vet who is now treating Hammer is appalled. I know Hammer is not the only English Setter who has been debarked. As I have said, right now I am only interested in helping Hammer but I do intend trying to do something about this. Fighting for the welfare of animals in Australia is not easy but this should not stop us from trying.
I just joined your group although I do not qualify as I have more than one setter....but I wanted to put a comment here. I had no idea that such a barbaric procedure was allowed anywhere.......I hope Hammer makes good progress with his treatment. All my four setters are sending licks and I am sending hugs and best wishes to him .......




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