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I have posted before, that Tallulah had been on a real downer, with peripheral neuropathy, laryngeal paralysis and hypothyroid.  I had noted that from when she was a puppy (and pointed out to our vet), that she had been passing out semi digested food, mucus (which was in fact undigested fats !!!!). 

Even my other red coat Barkley had issues too, which a lovely Polish vet who was working at the emergency services a few months ago noted and linked this to a blood test result which wasn't quite normal.  He suggested there might be a pancreatic issue with him.

Having noted just now many people here constantly post that their dogs have digestive issues, regardless of whether they are fed dry food, or raw food, it makes me wonder quite what is going wrong.


Well, to cut a long story short, after the Polish vet flagged up the possibility that Barkley might have a pancreatic problem, I put both him and Tallulah on digestive enzymes, and a new type which has become available, specifically designed for dogs.



The results have been startling to say the least..... for the first time since being a puppy, Barkley has gained weight.  He has always been a real bag of bones and a poor eater, but now he has a lovely covering and his bowl is regularly licked clean.....  BUT THE BIG ONE IS TALLULAH.  In fact what I am going to do here is copy an exchange between myself and Tallulah's vet at Cambridge just so that you can see what has happened.  It is really something quite unexpected, because the prognosis for her was said to be very poor, and that I should be expecting the worse. No cure. The chances of her going on another year was most unlikely.

Hi Ben,

Something very unexpected is happening. Since the other matter where I
added digestive enzymes to Tally's diet, this dog has become amazingly
fit! Today was another step up. For example, squirrel chases at every
opportunity, constant flat out running for just over an hour. I can't
remember the last time I saw this dog so darned fit. It was probably over
a year ago she was tearing up the fields quite like this. Her laryngeal issue was audible, but not to the point where it was causing her any distress or restricting her abilities. Today was quite warm here for November, as it may have been in Cambridge. Towards the end of the run,she was even flying over the wooden railings in the park with room to spare!

I have also been reducing her thyroxin. First of all down to 500mcgs, and  for a week now down to 400mcgs. When should she be blood tested to see whether it would be possible to bring her down further?

This website has the details of the digestive enzyme product I am giving


I have also increased the amount of krill oil she gets to 2000iu per day. The krill oil contains astaxanthin as the anti oxidant

I was expecting her to have deteriorated significantly by now. You would NOT recognise her as the same dog you saw earlier this year. I am more than amazed.



Dear Fran,

I'm delighted to hear such news - as you say, quite unexpected!

After changing the thyroxine dose you should wait 4 weeks before testing. I
would advise testing the trough and peak levels (i.e. immediately before a
dose is due (trough) and 4-6hours after a dose (peak)).

I look forward to hearing how she does and would be very grateful if you
could ask your vet to forward the results to me.

Many thank and all best wishes,



Perhaps other owners whose dogs are suffering recurrent digestive issues might like to try the same thing?  even bloaters?  having seen the results I am getting here, had I known this some years ago, I would have tried it with my bloating dog.  I did everything I could for that dog and it was because of  him that I ended up doing a lot of research into the pet food industry.

If you do try the krill and digestive enzymes, please can you let me know what the outcome is?  Tally has been on krill for 9 months now, and the digestive enzymes for a month.  A friend of mine has also been giving this to her poorly Doberman and is suddenly finding that he too has lots more energy.



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The latest IS...... she is developing muscle tone again !!!! She was starting to look extremely narrow around her chest, which was giving her the appearance on a bambi.  I was getting really worried about her appearance, and could see a 13 year old looking at me from an 8 year old body.....  Well, during the past couple of days I have started noticing a broadening around that area.  She really is starting to look like Tallulah again !  In fact, she is looking younger by the day and rapidly loosing that little old dog look.  I am just AMAZED by what is going obviously on a daily basis, but which I don't notice until things are staring me in the face.

I wish the Polish vet who started this experiment worked locally.  He doesn't know what he has started (yet) but I will make sure he does.  Thank goodness he noticed a possible issue in Barkley !!!  As for Barkley.  As of today, I am cutting his food back, because he clearly doesn't need the same amounts anymore.  He is looking absolutely stunning !

If any of  you live in Peterborough, for heavens sake, try and find out where the very camp Polish vet works.... he is a vet to die for !!!!  Even talking to him I heard a man who was sooooo clearly on the ball - like no other vet I have spoken to (except he was brainwashed by the packet food industry) before.




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