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Does your dog ever go through a day without a walk?

Hi, strange one I know but my little boy was off school yesterday and today ( but worse today) and don't think I can drag him out again today for walkies with Reuben. So Reuben may not get his usual run. My hubby not home from work until late and I have never gone through a day of not walking Reuben. We have the garden and u can do some play etc but is this enough? Just interested
in what other people do in these situations?

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Louise your a great dog mom and an even better child mom! My first two setters were when my kids were babies and toddlers. Those dog didn't have me to themselves like my last two have. They missed many a day of walks and play because of the little ones and mine had numerous surgeries and illness that meant the dog had to take a back seat. They survived and were wonderful dogs regardless of that. I have the time now that my kids are grown and nearly grown to give to Cash. We spend now about 2 hours at in the woods hiking daily. But that is all he gets. I don't do twice a day, I work part time. Sometimes we can take a walk down the block and back in the morning but rarely. They adjust to what they get.
Thank you all for your support and kind words. It is really interesting to hear what we all do in certain circumstance and helped loads . My son is on the mend and Reuben back to his morning walks. I have been doing mainly one walk a day( two if I can) but it really depends on other commitments. Also I hope to start college for 3 days a week in sept and thought it kinder not to have Reuben reliant on a second walk as it will be even trickier to do then. I deliberately deferred my college plan to concentrate on Reuben and my sons first school year and get them both settled. Come September I will need to then work out dog and childcare help, yikes!
Oh Ossian, I have taught Reuben to distinguish/names of his ball and cuddly dog through clicker training. I started with a target stick and then progressed. I am really impressed with the clicker and will get some of the Karen pryor training books/DVDs as I am hooked. It's been fab watching Reuben really think!
when we had our first setters 30 year ago it was when we were having our children , we had 5 children in 6 year so it was a very busy house. jenny and keira were very much part of the family and maybe werent walked every day as much as they should have been but they certainly didnt suffer because of that. our children were brought up with walking dogs and picnics, fresh air and walking in all weathers - lots of wonderful memories.




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