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 Hi Everyone

 I am relatively new to being an Irish setter owner I am the proud owner of 2 males  1 13mths and now a 17week male Bodie & Doyle, I would like to  know if it is normal for Irish setters to drool my 13mth Drools excessively  so far the young one doesn't seem to drool yet?

If this is common how do other cope with it? or should I see my vet  about his drooling he looks more like a St Bernard then a setter with his drools

 many thanks


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My boy has always been a drooler, Kim, especially when it comes to food....or girls in season!  I simply carry a slaber cloth ( A.K.A. a bar towel ) with me at all times. It is convenient in size and handy for the job ( Get several of them ). I have seen many who don't seem to drool at all.....and then the likes of ours who do somewhat in varying degrees. It never really bothered me and I just accepted it as part of his individuality. Perhaps you could mention it to your vet. I am not aware of any medical conditions that could be a factor.....but then I am not a vet. I hope other members will post their knowledge and/or experience on the subject also. Best wishes.

Thank you James glad to know it's normal that others drool as well, I do take Baby wipes with me they do the job, he just drools when running ,food not a problem and hasn't met any girls yet in season got that to come!
Thanks again

I've had 16 Irish to date, a mix of boys and girls. I can't remember the girls being droolers, (except when we have brought in new puppies), but most of the boys have been, and at the moment I have 3 who drool for England!! I, like James, am never without a slobber cloth, which also is a bar towel. I have quite a few, and particularly favour the Guiness ones :) I always offer them to the poor unfortunates who stop to make a fuss of the boys, but the cloth is usually soaking anyway!

Just watch out for the flying 'shoestring' and hope it doesn't land anywhere inappropriate. 

I love the Bodie and Doyle names...Was it the Professionals TV series that made you think of that?

Well remembered yes it did come from the TV series only when I decided to get another pup did it spring to mind
Thanks for tip I have a towel in car for dogs and carry wipes for poor sole that they meet .




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