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Dudley Duke of Lancester

3/30/97 --- 5/24/11

Perfect Pet, Best Buddy, Cancer Companion

"Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear. "

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Indeed, those we love don't go away, but it is very difficult not to see and care for them anymore ... very sorry for the lost of your special companion Julia, the one who helped you to fight cancer and the one who will always be your perfect beloved boy, the one who with you have shared so many magic moments !!!
I am so sorry for your loss....I am thinking of you.....xxxxxxx
I wish I had some magic words for you but I am so sorry for your loss is the best I can manage today. I know how much you treasured Dudley the Duke and how much love he shared with you and how much love you showed him.  Hold tight to those special moments and memories of a truly amazing Irish Setter Gentleman.  Hugs.
Sorry to hear you have lost your lovely boy Dudley!! Thinking of you!
I'm so very sorry for your loss, thinking of you at this sad time.
Im so very sorry to hear that wonderful Dudley has passed away.  I send you my heartfelt sympathy.
so sorry to hear of your loss.dudley will be in your heart forever  with your wonderful memories of him
Sorry your heart is broken Julia. Beautiful pup,handsome dog and you gave him a great life while you were together. I don't mind telling you,that verse you posted is incredible-a perfect tribute to him!
so sorry he was a handsome lad who bought you great joy.
Sorry to hear of Dudleys passing - a great name and he looked a great dog. A beautiful poem - run free sweet Dudley..
I am sorry for  your sad loss.Your sorrow is felt by all of us.

Sorry for your loss x





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