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Errol is going through - what looks to be - his annual eye infection. He had it around about the same time last year after he'd just moved in with us and then intermittendly over the summer. We got it checked out by the vets at the time and where given some droplets (forgot the name, sorry) which were a right pain to apply as Errol would never hold still. Ocasionally I managed to apply them when he was asleep but he became quiet weary of me so in the end and I just gave up. 

The problem dissappeared over autumn/winter/early spring months but has now returned with a vengeance. Last week the yellow discharge coming out of his eye (just the right one mind!) was quite revolting. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with the eye itself though although it's obviously itching. I usually just wash his eyes with tissue soaked in a home made saline solution several times a day and the discharge has gone down a bit. I have no idea what triggers the infection: drafts, allergies etc. Has anybody had the same problems? I have heard that there are some homeopathic remedies such as Euphrasia, Aconite, Pulsatilla and Sanicula. Any thoughts on those? I even heard that there is stuff you can put in with the food (Newton Homeopathics from the US) which I thought was a bit wacky... but hey I'm open to ideas.

Just in case anybody raises the issue I have a vet appointment coming up so can can ask for medical advice just thought I check first what the 'professionals' would do...

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Angela - You have to meet Errol. I'm sure he'll put your horse to shame! I'm already dreading the next infection...





My last gentleman IS , Shilo had his annual eye infection starting every year in July and lasting until end of August here....vet would give us a cream to use but also encouraged washing ( wiping his eyes twice daily) and keeping him inside AC as it was a grass allergy in his case.  We found Shilo eager to have that gunk wiped out of his eye but not too pleased with us putting in cream to ease infection!  Found it easier to do it while he was being petted on the sofa by someone else and getting a small reward after the cream was in place.  Hope you find an answer and that it is not going to be a yearly problem for Errol.  Let us know what the Dr says and Good Luck.




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