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Fowington training weeks & Kennel Club Training Days 2011 for Pointing Breeds

Peter & Geraldine O'Driscoll offer an excellent training opportunity for people interested in the working side of the breed:

Fowington Training weeks for beginners


The Kennel Club are adverstising their training days for 2011 on Grouse in Reeth.

KC information brochure for Beginners see KC brochure here

See the Kennel Club website for details. I can only recommend it:-))


More information here Field Training for Pointing Breeds


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PS I forgot to mention: you may need to buy a new car first;-))
I want the new car
Go for it!!!
Seems I got it all wrong: here is me sponsoring Landrover... at least, this is my Bramble a few years ago:

I think I want another Irish and the car
=))))NO COMMENT!!!
I think you now guess the true answer to the question: 'why Irish Setters?' :o))
Or why I haven't a new Land rover=P
I've just added the link to the Fowington training weeks near Kelso.
Susan!!!! This was meant to be kept secret!!! ;-)))
Sorry, Nicole, but as you can see I'm trying hard to get some Irish Setters onto those fabulous moors:-))) Can't leave it all to those Pointers and Gordon Setters, can I?
still a big dream to travel there...




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