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I've been following the grass seed discussion. I live (literally) on the South Downs – a ridge of chalky grassland in the South of England for those based outside the UK - so grass seeds are a major headache for me. Luckily Errol’s not had any serious encounters so far. Then last night following a grass seed debate with my neighbour I suddenly posed the million dollar question: to trim or not to trim?

Errol gets a regularly brush but I’m not great on the trimming front and one of my arguments is that his feathers offer more protection especially around his pads. My neighbour argued that the long fur attracts the seeds more. She keeps her boisterous Cockapoo dame tightly shorn over the summer months to avoid grass seeds lodging in her dog’s fur. However, I would have thought that keeping the fur really short makes it easier for the seeds to penetrate the skin. Seeds may get trapped in the feathers but in my experience that’s where they tend to stay.

What are other peoples’ views, please?

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Sofie is a field dog spends about 2 hours in the fields every day, and grass seeds have always been my worry.I check Sofie every day when she has had her supper, this time of the year I always find some on her. She is not trimed short but I alway trim between the toes and pads.I push the fur up from between her toes and trim it of close as I can with small round end sizzers it then takes just a few seconds to check her feet when she gets home and you cannt miss the bliters

But I shall not get complacant.

I also trim all my girls due to grass seeds. Ginja is an old spayed bitch, and she lives outside in the farm everyday, so she's generally shaved short because she gets by a lot better in hot days (+40ºC now). I actually found it was better to also shave her in the winter and keep her with a warm water proof coat - less mud and she does not get wet and cold, wich is bad for her joints. 

Pitanga and Romã are trimmed in the feet just like Angela described, to make the checking easier. I also trim a bit in the ears outside and shave completely the inside of the ear. Ever since I started doing this, I never had a seed in an ear canal, and it does not change how good they look. Finally, I also trim a bit the necks, to avoid having seeds stuck between their collar and their coat - I had one nasty experience in the neck and it was enough!




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