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Hello from me, and from Phil.


I'm Bryan and he is a (nearly 4 year old) setter dog. We live in Oxfordshire and I've had him from about 3 months old, his start before this wasn't the greatest.

Phil is my first setter, I've always wanted one and he is coming along well. He is for one day a week a working dog too and in the field it all comes together (mostly!). He points, flushes and stands over.


At home he has his sofa to sleep on, doesn't get treats between meals (except the odd carrot, runner bean or tomato), and has the run of the house. He is a good guard too, barks, finds us if someone knocks and is first when the front door is open.


Previously (and when Phil was younger) we had other dogs - terriers, a wolfhound cross, others before them... He is aloof with other dogs and won't sniff them, he has a couple of dog friends and thats it. I've trained him not to take food from people and he'll only accept it from these owners!


Anyway, we're here, I'm off to read some posts now.




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Hi Bran and Phil, welcome to ES, it's rather addicive.


Dawn R.

Setter Phil we are disappointed in you!! With four years under your belt you have let Bryan away with far too much!! True you sleep on the sofa but no treats between meals and cant take food when its offered from others. You need to revbl mate otherwise you aint a proper Setter!!!


Settretary of the Setter Union


Hi Phil and Bryan,

Welcome to ES! I hope you enjoy it here ! I think Phil is pretty much  trained now....I don't know much about Bryan....waiting to read more about him later!!!! :-)))

Bryan our Molly also will not take food from others ( she came to us that way as she was a rescue)....I can take the treat from the person ...give it to Molly and she will promptly hide it....goes back for it later.  It is really fun to take her thru the bank drivethru...they give her the bone and she hides it under my seat in the car.  Ladies at the bank always get a good chuckle out of her being so serious in hiding the bone.  Enjoy ES but most of all enjoy Phil.:)


Phil will always take his (few!) treats somewhere quiet to eat them - not quite the hiding thing but he does leave things for later in corners, then forgets them. Carrots do block our hoover regularly.


I've added a couple of photos of Phil's latest adventure and also posted on the "bloat" discussion about his food/background etc.

And for Settetary, I think Phil's got us trained just right!





hi bryan and phil welcome to es hope you enjoy

Welcome Bryan and Phil.

ES is a great group.

I have three Irish.Spoilt?nah! My wife has just cooked them cheese on toast....and they love it!




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