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Hi everyone,

Last night Romã entered the house on 3 legs: she would not put down her left back leg. I searched for anything that could be hurting her paw...nothing. It was 11 pm and other than not using her leg for walking, she was using it for everything else and not showing signs of pain, so I decided no to bother the vet.

Today she woke up all better, but as the morning went by, she became worse, so off to the vet!

We found out the pain is coming from her hip, most likely she somehow hurt herself last night playing with my other dogs. She is on pain medication to maker her confortable and is going to repeat her HD test as soon as my vet has time.I did test her when she was one and she was fine, but we are still going to make sure nothing went wrong in the last year, or if there is something to worry about. 

My concern is she is already living with cronic pain, because she broke her arm when she was 7 weeks old and it didn't heal as well as expected, so she limps a bit from her left arm, and now her left leg!

Has anyone ever had a dog with a hip injury? how do they heal? do they go trough a lot of pain, and how long to a full recovery? Right now I am very concerned with her life quality and welfare, so any opinion or though is apreciated!!

Thank you all,


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Thank you very much Cornelia and Joy, I'm afraid she is actually getting worse, despite the pain meds, ice and rest. I'm going to talk again to my vet and see from there....

Hi Teresa - I hope Romã makes a speedy recovery.




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