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How do I prepare my dogs for a long separation?

In three weeks I am going to leave for Germany. Anton, Gina & my partner will stay in Australia for another 6 months, until they can come to Germany, too.


Of course, I enjoy every minute, every second that we can be together (partner & dogs, that is)

Maybe it will be more emotional turmoil for me than for the dogs. Well, it's not about me "rationally thinking" human, it's about my two red darlings.


How can I prepare them so that they don't feel abandoned? They will still be in their own home, with my partner, so there are no changes. It's just that I won't be there.


We have such a strong bond. We spend so much time together. What can I do to make it easy for the dogs? Should I withdraw a little bit and let my partner take over? Or should I just enjoy the next three weeks so that they feel loved? We will be back together eventually. But it seems such a long time. Sometimes when I think about it there is this wave of sadness. I just want to make sure the dogs feel loved and not abandoned.


How do I say goodbye? Short and simple, just leave? A friend of ours will take me to the airport, so that Tina does not need to leave the dogs at home and then come back without me.


Probably it's more my problem than theirs - I hope so to be honest.

They have Tina, after all, and they may quite happily adapt to the new situation. These two are so special. They almost have psychic gifts. Maybe they know already. (Don't laugh, I told them already)


Sorry about this long post. I am very emotional about all this. Life happens...

Every little suggestion, idea and comfort is more than welcome!


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If I was you, over the next three week I would ease off with the attention slightly and let your partner become much more involved with the dogs.

When you have to leave, don't make it a long goodbye.  

Leave the house as though you are going shopping or going to work.

Your dogs will adapt much easier if their normal routine carries on as much as possible after you have gone.

Your dogs will be just fine until you are re-united.

I agree with you....dogs do have a psychic gift.  

They might already be prepared for your departure so don't worry too much!


just going to post something and I noticed your comment about going to Germany. Are you going for good huge decision. I am sure your dogs will be o.k. with your partner but hopefully the time will fly and you will be all together again. I guess they will go into guaranteen when arriving in Germany. I can tell by your photos how much you love them. Keep us posted....

That is a very hard decision!


First of all, they do have a psychic gifts and they know you are leaving - they also know it's not forever!

I'd let your partner take over for you gradually, and I'd leave very naturally, as if I was going to the mall. 

This is something I learnt from Pitanga, but maybe you could find a way to take your luggage out of the house the day before? She always finds out I'm leaving for a longer time when she sees my luggage, and makes a big deal out of it! Whenever I'm able to sneak out my luggage she does not make a fuss at all - I have even tried to get someone to carry it for me, but I guess she can smell my things in there!


Even if they get a bit sad when you leave, they will still have their routines and your partner, so the biggest change is for you! They will adjust just fine while you are not with them ( as hard as it is for us to realize the are able to live without us...)


Keep us posted on how your dogs are doing, and how YOU are doing with the big change! We generally talk about your dogs, but we worry about their owners too!

Hi Ilona! Ich kann deine Sorgen sehr gut verstehen - so lange ohne Anton und Gina! Ich würde es wie Eva schon geschrieben hat machen. Ich wünsche euch alles Gute und hoffe ihr seid alle bald wieder zusammen! Lg Barbara

Thank you all for your support! My two red darlings have already banded up with my partner. They know. I've just woken up (6 am) and it is our last morning before I leave. As of now I will be "setterless" for some months.

good luck Ilona and hopefully it will not be long before your darlings will be with you.
Good luck Ilona!




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