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will be getting an Irish Setter pup later in the year. was wondering if anyone could give me some advice re-insurance in Australia. i have never had it before, feel it is important in this age of amazing vetinary science.i have a list of insurance agencies just not sure which one to choose.

thanks Rosie

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We are insured with the RSPCA pet insurance, which is actually under the umbrella of The Holland Insurance company. All pet insurances are under this umbrella, by-the-way.


We pay a premium of about 38 or 40 Dollars, and for the second dog less. You could argue that the insurances always win. However, in our case, I feel lucky. We insured both dogs from day one, and as it happened, Gina, the girl has a chronical skin condition! We pay the highest premium (about $40 per month), by which you get 80 % of your expenses back. Mind though, there is a yearly threshold beyond which they don't pay - not that we ever reached it...


In our case (atopic dermatitis), they increased the premium.


If you insure your dog with an existing condition, they won't take you on. So better insure your pup asap.

I am sure all insurances are pretty much the same. After all, they all are Holland Insurance.


Here's how it works: You pay the bill upfront, but you take the prepared insurance form with you (you can print it from the insurance website in most cases). The vet puts his 5 cents on it, signs it, then you sign it. With a bit of luck, your vet is as nice as to send it in for you.


It may take three weeks, until you get your money back. In 2 1/2 years, we had one incidents of admin trouble (wait and wait and wait.,..)But otherwise, we are quite happy.


If you need som emore information, I'll offer you my friendship. This way you have my private email and you can ask me all the questions that pop into your mind. We live near perth, WA. But insurance-wise the state won't matter.


Good luck and I can't wait to meet your puppy (online, that is)

Hi llona,

thank you for all that info was great. think it is so important to have insurance would hate to be unable to help my pup as i had not enough finace.

would love your friendship. i am an old WA person. had two of Myra Thomas pups. (Amhurst).

cheers Rosie




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