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Is my 15 month old Setter girl too small?

Our little Luna is 15 months old now and we're beginning to suspect she might not be as heavy as she ought to be.

She was weighed a month ago at 18.2KG and again today at the same weight. She appears to have stopped growing. From internet searches the consensus seems to be that she should be 23-25kg by now. We had her annual health check today and the vet said she is healthy in every way, coat, teeth, eyes etc. She is roughly 60cm at the shoulder which is fairly standard, if on the shorter end of the "normal" spectrum.

Luna is a very active dog. I've mentioned on another thread that she covers way more ground on walks than our friends Working Cockers or Labs. She runs around like a whippet, except for much, much longer. We're feeding her two large bowls of food a day. She's very relaxed about her "breakfast" and much more enthusiastic about her dinner.

Are there any Setter owners out there who could comment on whether Luna's weight is something we should be worried about?

We're still waiting for her to have her first season.

I'm afraid I don't have a current full length image of her. I'll take one asap and attach it.

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Luna is beautiful! No need to worry! You will reach your full weight at the age of three!




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