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Any one have any ideas. A certain young lady of ours, little Bronte , does not like to go out for a wee in the rain. She holds it, even if we leave her out there for some time, comes in and then promptly wees on the floor. Any ideas? The last one did this too although grew out of it a few years ago. Bronte is now 6 months old. Not keen to wait another 6 years for solutions!!

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Ha Ha, as a teacher I should know to lead by example!! And there I am putting them out in the rain while I stay indoors dry. Shame on me. I resolve to train myself to train them!! (or will they train me!!), guess these setters do not like messing up fur, unless as Londa suggest, there is lots of fun involved, and then, well they don't notice!! Thanks , Dee, Bronte and Bonnie xx
Cornelia Hahn is so right and it works. Think I must be lucky here, Rio was virtually house trained when we got him with only the odd mishap, he also wasn't keen on rain but I have to say recent inclement weather have got him over his 'fear' 'cos whatever the weather, we go out 3 times a day to either walk or play. Then to enforce his toilet training, I put him on the lead every two hours or so, less if he's getting fidgety, take him out to his 'toilet area' and say 'quick, quick have a wee', no treats involved and he 'wee's' on 'command' so to speak, I think getting the timing right is important and not to hurry the dog, now I just say the words and he goes straight away, no messing around, I know it's difficult when the heavens have opened and it's pitch dark outside and really the last thing you want to do is to venture out but if you don't why should the dog, I also make a point of having plenty of towels to rub Rio dry when we come in and make a fuss of him. I have been accused of being a control freak! - by getting Rio to 'wee' on command, but my way of looking at it is, get the dog into a routine and life is so much easier.
You are right, the training is they key I have decided, and not just for the dogs (with reference to my replies above). Just like children, and I guess like most, they thrive on routine. Great ideas from lots of you, for short and long term solutions. Thank you, I guess I think I just need to buy a new rain coat (and the weather we have had the last few days has been torrential rain, gusting in from we are next to. Hope drier where you guys are!! All best, a dry for now Dee, BOnnie adn Bronte. xx
Make the rain/sleet/hail/snow her delight rather than her dread. Load her up in the car on nasty days and take her to the field or a dog park (which will be empty of any other nut-cases!). Let 'er rip and roar around and have a good time! She'll empty and pee whil she's exploring. And learn that crappy weather is FUN! Meanwhile, YOU will be cold and miserable for a few trips, but then it's smooth sailing!

My command for pee is "Curtsey" because most of my bitches look like that's what they're doing. For the dogs it's "relieve," For both sexes my command for a bowel movement is "empty." Going on command is really helpful in competition - or rather, BEFORE compteition!

Londa Warren, Edmond, OK
Oh Londa, I love your command for the gals!! So much more fem! Cant wait to train that one! I think , with reference to my other replies, that training is the long term solution. And you are right about the fun. Infact, we have had lots of fun on the beach, mostly on wet windy and rainy days. My favourite days infact, you know you are alive!! I have been housebound for 2 weeks now since an operation and infection and feel now as if I am going up the wall (well if I had the energy I would!) All the wind, rain and stormy weather I have heard and not been able to get out into I have missed from being in the midst of with the girls.
As you say too, a useful command to have before competitions on another note. All best, Dee, Bonnie and Bronte xx




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