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  Well the biting has pretty much stopped, now Brady is into jumping. We have tried most things & still he jumps,


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Carol, especially when we have company, I leave Dougal's leash on so that I can step on it when he gets overly excited. This interrupts his jump and with a reminder of "No", he catches on quickly. I do not envy your drive. We vacation in FL often, and I don't know what the drive would be like with a puppy!

  Actually he rode very well. We did get some tranquilizers from the vet. We didn;t have to use them. We have been trying to place Brady in his crate when he is too excited with company. That seems to help. The jumping is on us mostly. He now weighs 49# so it's getting hard to control him.

do you mean jump at people? cheers


If you mean jumping up on people what i did was when they jumped turn your back on them and just ignore him do this every time they soon get the message 

  Tried all of the above, it doesn't seem to work.

Well I'm guessing here that Brady is around 4 to 5 months? You are describing exactly the stages our last 2 youngsters went through. I think probably the others did too, but I can only remember the last 2...senior years:)

Keep at it and be totally consistent, and the penny will drop. I totally ignore Callum when he gets wild, (yes it still happens at 20 months!)...turning your back will do it,(eventually) or leaving the room and then coming back to start again. When he calms down slightly, so he's able to listen, then I put him in 'sit' which he is good at, and then I can praise him. At first his bottom stayed on the deck for about 3 seconds before he was up and bouncing again, but with repeated efforts, and as his sit/stay has extended, he's got the idea. His case is very much more difficult as he is competing with 2 other boys for attention.

Keep at it.

This worked for me:

Dusty would jump up (I'm not very tall and am easily knocked over!) so I put my arms around him in a big hug, lift him off his feet and hold him tight. This is not what he intended, is uncomfortable and downright nasty - he struggles, but is helpless..  Eventually put him down.  Make no fuss, no shouting, no praising.  Then the next time the occasion arises for jumping up you, hold out your arms like you are going to hug again (you might have rereat the hugging stuff to get the message across)  Sooner or later - but often very much sooner, when the desire to jump up takes him, the memory of off-the-ground-huggings makes him think "Nah !!.....I won't bother."

Do this while the dog is not too big if you're not strong... or get a big hunky guy to help otherwise..... ;o]))))

Bit difficult, Ann, if it is a 30 kg male... ;-) But I have heard a similar version that does not entitle Lifting the dog off his feet: Just grab hold of his front paws, don't say a word but don't let them go, even when he wants to get down again. Just hold on to those front paws for 10-20 seconds until he is wel and truly fed up with you... do that a couple of times and he will prefer to keep his feet on the ground.


Despite the above I'd actually prefer training an alternative behaviour: simplest form being a 'sit'. A sitting dog can't jum up. You ignore the jumping up but can praise him for an alternative behaviour, ie the sit. 


He does sit very well.. we can let him loose in the yard for short periods. The jumping is his worst habit. I don,t remember any of the others being this bad to break. I know that if you raise your knee when they jump that also helps. The problem is that I have a bad knee. Guess we will have to keep working on it.

Brady is now 40 #  so he is a big boy. He is doing a tad better about the jumping. I don;t think I can pick him up. We had some floors put down yesterday & he was very good with the installers. Guess it's just a matter of time,

I did say, do the off-ground hugging "while the dog is not too big", if you haven't got a big hunky guy to help....

I never had an Irish Setter that weighed 40kg, but if I had and not had any success in dealing with what could be a potential dangerous habit, paw-squeezing would be a good strategy.  If the dog has reached 40#, no amount of sweet talking is going to make him understand that jumping up people is fun for him but a total No! No! for everyone else.

A quick sharp lesson, when he first tries it, will banish the idea before it takes hold.

 He just thinks he is so lovable that everyone wants to see him up close & personal. We are working on the jumping & it is a tad better. This morning he is behaving so well it's scarey.




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