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ahi ahi, looks as Oberon catched kennel cough- despite never been in a kennel! apparently in this season there are bursts of this desease around..  :((

He's been coughing and with nasal discharge since last Tue.. Poor Obi, is so distressing.. Has anybody had  this nasty experience? the vet said they prefer not to give antibiotics/antinflammatories - despite the discharge, which is a clear symptom of batteric infection I would guess- and see if it clears in two weeks time.. unless it goes worse of course..

shame on us we didnt the vaccination.. we though it was only a need for dogs going to kennels, while, apparently, KC is anywhere:(




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i have never tried that arrangement. They have families like that in Sydney. Molly always goes to the kennel but sometimes it can become expensive. We do travel a bit to see family in the NT of Australia. I may give it a go next time after July.

hi Eunice

I use this company http://www.barkingmad.uk.com/ and they are really wonderful.. actually they charge a bit more than the (cheapest) kennels, say 20£ per day (there are kennels from 10-12£ up to 40£ for the superluxury, here). But the advtantage is that they do a one-to-one service so the dog has the whole attention of a family, and when Oberon sees their van he runs into it without even look back at us!! Seems *he's* the one going on holiday!    Not sure if there is something similar in australia! best



thanks I will check it out... I am quite protective of Molly so they would have to be very good. I have a look on the net. thanks
Silvia. I do understand but vets tend to prefer to prescribe antibiotics for kennel cough if the dog starts to go downhill. In most cases a strong youngster will shake it off himself though, initially, it can take longer. He will get the nasal mucus and the productive cough but gradually that will go.
I believe the dog should, wherever possible, be allowed to build up an immunity to help him fight kennel cough in the future. In my experience the virus seems to affect my older dogs only for about 3 days but more often then not it passes them by even though the youngsters are coughing like crazy.
I use the red Benylin for chesty coughs, non-drowsy formula.
thanks a lot !!!!
Hi Silvia sorry to hear Oberon has kennel cough, it just sounds so sore and awful.  Fergus has had it and what I normally do is to put some natural honey in warm water with a little galic oil then I drip it down the thoat with a dropper.  I also used the same mixture on my cat when he kept getting cat flu and the anibiotics weren't working, I find it works well, both honey and garlic are natural anitbiotics.  I might add I also use it when I have a sore thoat and a cough.  I hope this helps?
Just affer Molly was vaccinated against KC she did get it that was last year. Poor thing was really sick but the vet did give her antibiotics.  Today 1 year later she was vaccinated again. They place up their nose and she found it quite unpleasant. Apart from that she is fine.
Cash is going for his yearly bordatella vac tomorrow.  Mine is around so many other dogs that I never considered not giving it to him.   I had a puppy years ago that came from the breeder and two days later had it so bad that the vet was concerned about permanent respitory problems.  He had to be put on IV medication and feedings but he was just a 9 week old pup.  The breeders vet advised us to return the dog which we did. 

Hi silvia. Sorry to hear Oberon has kennel cough. Would you believe it,his brother Steo has it too!!! We've got antibiotics as he was quite bad with it compared with 6 year old Finn who got it from his deerhound friend !

Hope he is well soon.

Oh Sue, I am so sorry!!! Oberon cleared in ~1 week, but in the end without antibiotic, fortunately it looks it was not too long. He became addicted to his evening dessert of milk and honey, but that's another story ;)

I hope Steo will be well soon!!! It was so distressing to see Oberon with the nasty cough:((



Some years ago when we were showing 2 IS's they caught it and the vet suggested we always kept Benelyn (Cough Mixture) and give a teaspoonful to ease the cough..  Has anyone else had this advise?

Riley also got kennel cough and I took him to the vet. He got it from the dog park no doubt.  So now I'll be bringing my own bowl and water. Riley and Fiona are hating being apart but it's the it has to be until he's better. 




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