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I know leash walking has been discussed endlessly, but I have a couple of questions for you guys:

1 - Do your leashed trained dogs, that do not pull with you, pull if someone else is walking them? 

2- Romã is leash trained and knows that she must not pull her leash, but despite all my efforts, she still feels the need to keep her leash in tension - she is not pulling, the tension is constant and you can still hold the leash on just one finger. I've been trough harnesses, gentle leaders and collars, and with all she does not pull, but finds a tension spot. I think she feels safer this way, it's a way of keeping track of where I am.

The thing is, we live in a city with narrow streets and many times no sidewakls - since she is already in tension, whenever I need to get her closer to me, I end up pulling her neck with more strenght than I wish. Any thoughs on how I could build up her confidence in the leash, so that shedoes not feel the need to keep the leash in tension?

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I have tried everything with Arthur that I can think of,including training,but he still will pull.Once he has got to where he is let of the lead he walks back without pulling.However,if my wife walks him he doesn't pull at all.Most annoying!

My other two walk very well without pulling.I feel as though I have failed somewhere.Any help would be appreciated!

Well Howard, fingers crossed, maybe someone has a brilliant ide that will help both of us!

Hi Howard,

We have a constant battle with Eva (Arthurs sister) with lead training. Bought a halti and that works better but she is so hyper till she gets to have a run, then calms down a bit. I have been told to try a water spray when out and spray when they have gone forward too far, I will give it a try. If you come up with some sort of miracle Howard, please let me know!!!

O wow!!! I love this video....truly the pack leader and the dogs look as if they are having the time of their lives!!! I love the bit where they pass the lone dog who barks like crazy and they all get over to the OTHER side of the bike lol!!! If we used a stick in this way the boys would run off with it!!! Merlin carries a stick around on every walk!!! Sorry, this has done nothing to help I know but just shows what CAN be achieved I guess!




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