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Looking for IS pup to import to South Africa - advice needed

Hi All - It's me again

So, after the kind imput from all of you on my forum about buying a pup from a mom with D hips, my hubby and I have finally decided to look at importing a pup.

We are looking for a female pup with excellent confomation show potential that we can also breed with.  It is very important that she comes from a line with good hips.  We are also looking for a line with  particulary long coats as this is something not oftern seen in the South African lines (could it be the warm weather?)

We will, of course, make the pup part of our family and love and adore her, no matter how things turn out.

Please, if you have any imput, advice or suggestions, or if you are a breeder or can suggest a specific kennel, please let me know.

You can send me a message privately or post it on the forum, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Regards and thanks

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Hi Estelle, I have just been through a huge process of researching and contacting breeders in the UK to export a puppy to Australia. So, I am happy to discuss this further with you and have sent you a friend request. cheers from downunder, Cheryl




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