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A family up the road have two Irish Setters, they are Henry's playmates and I was concerned to hear that the youngster, about 10 months old, was at the vets on a drip, they thought she had swallowed a tennis ball or similar, she was in a lot of pain. This was 3 days ago, I saw the lad out this evening with just one of the girls again, the youngster has got meningitis, he said that apparently it isn't so serious in dogs as it is in humans, she has to stay at the vets another 2 days and will then be allowed home.

I was asking him all sorts of questions but he didn't know the answers, he wasn't even sure which vets she was in but he's a nice teenager and I can understand him letting his parents deal with everything.

Anyway, I just wondered, as their other dog is unaffected, is this something contagious, would she have picked it up like a bug?  I'm not worrying about whether Hen has been to the same places or anything, I was just curious as to whether anyone knows anything about it.

I've got everything crossed that little Poppy comes though ok, she is such a darling girl, so full of life, bless her.

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Hi Sheree, thanks for posting this information.  I have read it all with great concern for Poppy and much interest.   I hadn't heard of meningitis in dogs, either. 


Thanks for posting the owner's iniformation about symptoms, treatment, etc.  Glad to hear everything is going well.   When everything has settled, I look forward to seeing some pics on their page.


cheers, Cheryl

Thanks Cheryl, hopefully Rita will be made a member very soon and can keep us posted..that was very informative though, and so worrying, poor little Poppy.
Poppy is home! We picked her up on Monday. She is on a high dosage of steroids and is very hungry and thirsty. The steroids will get reduced over the next 6 weeks and the specialist vet told us that 90 to 95% of dogs do not need further treatment. Lets hope Poppy is one of them. At the moment she is ok, but she is not quite as happy as before. I hope she soon will be as playful as before and the five (!) shaven patches will grow back quickly.

Great news! I am so pleased.Steroids make me girl wee as well!

I hope Poppy is back tom her old self soon.

That is good news hopefully she will just keep improving lots of hugs to Poppy.

Fantastic news Rita, each time I've been past your house I've been thinking of you all and was contemplating knocking but was too worried to. 

I also hope Poppy is one of those that doesn't need further treatment.

 Please give her and Harriet and hug from me and a big kiss from Hen xx

I am delighted to read these latest news! A big cuddle from me to poppy!
Fantastic news Rita.  I just became a member of ES this week, like yourself but started reading about Poppy a couple of days ago.  Great to hear she is home and on the mend.  I'm sure she will be back to her puppy self soon xxx




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