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My seven month old Irish Setter hates travelling in th car so much that...

she'll lie down and refuse to move when we get close to the car after taking her for a walk. At the moment she's still light enough to pick up and carry the final hundred metres but as she grows bigger this will start to present a real problem. 

She's a real sweetheart in every other respect so in the grand scheme of things this seems like a minor issue. We just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar behavioural issue and if so, what they did to tackle it?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi JC, Is it general, that she does not want to get into the car or only when you come back from the walk and want to go home? If it is general, she maybe feels sick when inside the moving vehicle and some adjustments might do the trick, like covering the window close to the crate. If it is only at the end of a walk, you probably have a very clever girl, trying to find ways to extend the fun:-).

Mine didn't lay down but would go mad at the end of a walk and jump up and tear at my jacket - she was like a rubber ball and faster up again, than what I could turn round! I tried doing round trips and come from the other side to the car, but those trips had to be constantly new, because she knew them after one or two times. Then I noticed, that she liked to bring something home from her 'hunting trip' and I gave her something to carry for the last few hundred meters - a glove, a stick, a dummy, anything would do and she was happy with her trophy. Best wishes C & J

Hi C&J,

To be honest she's not happy about getting in the car before a walk either but at least she doesn't know about the journey until we're right next to the car so I can lift her into the boot. It's a very big estate car and she doesn't have a crate. We haven't yet managed to get her to jump into the boot of the car. She always has to be picked up, which she doesn't seem to mind.

When returning to the car though after a walk she recognises the terain when we're close and nearly always starts to lie down when we're within 1-200 metres. I've tried playing with a ball or a stick but she's onto me straight away. 

The journey is only five minutes max but I can't help thinking she developed a fear from the day I drove her home from the breeder which was a three hour drive and made very sick.

Hi JC, my 9 month old Vroni is just like your Luna.
Unfortunately, she gets sick while driving or even when she sees or smells the car.
We have already tried a lot that different trainers have suggested, how to playfully approach the car and slowly get used to the car (so jump in but do not start and drive, etc.) and ADAPTIL Transport Spray.

So if someone has ideas, I would be grateful too.

Trying to get her to get into the car without going anywhere sounds like a great idea. I'll give this a go over the next few weeks and see if it makes any difference. I'll maybe add a few treats into the mix.

Many thanks,

We had similar problems. I used to feed him in the car which seemed to help, he still needed to be coaxed in to start with, also just play around car I would get in one side and out the other and get him to follow.

upto about one year old he would get car sick quite quickly so needed lots of stops he’s 2 now and loves the car and car sickness gone.

i put sickness down to the speed they grow and balance not always the best in first year, which won’t help trying to balance in moving car




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