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I am upset after taking Cash to the groomer to get his nails done.  I was suppose to get the feet trimmed as well but after what was the most upsetting experience we gave up on it all.  I have never had a dog react so badly to nail trimming.  When he was a little pup he would sleep through it.  We do it every ten days or so, so it isn't a matter of not often enough to get used to it.  Dublin was so bad about it, that we tried this dog to work on it from day one.  We had to start taking him to the groomer because he would carry on when we did it so badly it was ruining his relationship with my husband.  He would run and hide from him all the time.  Anyway it has gotten worse each time Barb does him.  He has knocked her down and they have like five people holding him.  For a while if I waited and brought him after his running, he would be a bit better about it.  But today after his playtime we headed over.  Barb was off today so the other gal did him, well tried to.  I think she has a black eye now.  He was throwing himself off the groomers table and hanging himself!  I was freaked out watching from outside the area and had to tell them to just stop.  He was screaming.  Actually screaming, and I was concerned it was traumatizing him badly.  So what do I do now?  They told me some dogs have to be medicated to do it.  That seems so extreme but then again I don't want him going through this experience and getting any worse about it.

What ideas might you have?  They told me it is more common than I realize it is.  Because I was so embarrassed about it.

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Thanks Ossian.....if only I could stay in.  We still get out each day for our walks/runs.  The next four days are below zero or slightly above.  Meaning no playtime outside for more than five minutes.  We will have to find other indoor things to do till the weekend.
Yes see Tracy can vouch for me!!  I dug trenches in the yard for Cash to be able to find a spot to pee and poop.  I have drifts as high as the fence and he was tempted to go for a squirrel today.  I will have to dig further down now before the freeze up again tonight.  Three days without a good run might tempt him further.  Very funny about the gloves and mitts.  I have a great fleece coat for him which he hates and he rolls all over in the snow to take off.  Sort of defeats the purpose of it.  Besides he has enough fluffy coat now to keep him warm. 
Sue, you say your husband is phobic about your dogs claws but setters claws are designed they way they are for a reason.I wonder ,and I am not being rude or critical,if your husband should seek help with his phobia.That would give you and Cash some peace!

LOL I mean that as soon as he hears the clickity click he says gotta get those nails done. 

So maybe phobia was a stronger word than needed but he doesn't like it go for long.

Yes that is what we were always told Tracy.  My mother in law doesn't do her dog often enough and the poor boy can't get enough off of them now without it done little bits weekly.  The quick grows out too far then.  Okay I will at least talk to the vet about a mild sedative perhaps?  Too take the edge off him.  And I will also work with Barb, the only groomer who has had success with him.  I know she will allow him to come by and visit without nails being touched just for some comfort and love and treats.  Maybe we can win him back. 
thanks Sue.  My husband wanted him to go back today to try again and I said no way.  He needs time get over this.  I am going to see the groomer and just walk him in there to get treated and leave, short trips in and out till he gets more comfortable.  I do know that she figured out he gets the most upset if she lifted his legs up.  She has this way of doing it on a raised table under him while his food it almost on the table.  And she talks him through it. 

I replied 5 hours ago but it is out of sync.

Despite your husband's phobia your dogs claws do not need cutting very often ,they really don't.Please try to persuade him otherwise or Cash may become more fearful and you could change his whole well being.

My dogs run miles and their claws help them to keep a grip  .They are designed to have claws and all claws will click.If they don't click ,say, on a wood floor they are too short.

This is written because I care.

Blunters, what is that? I would like to use them, as Gina has very sharp nails. Where can I get them and how do I apply them? Can I do this myself or do I have to ask a vet? (Never heard of it - sorry if this question is a bit silly)

Isn't it her husband who has the phobia?

I am not being critical of anyone who cuts their dogs claws but if a dog is as distressed as Cash is it would be best not to even try to cut them for a while.

I will keep quiet now and go and walk my dogs for the last time today.

No offence at all! It is good to have a healthy debate I just thought I may have gone too far saying Cash's male owner may need help with his phobia.

It is very hard to keep me quiet....as my wife will tell you!

I never trim my dogs nails, as i make them walk, run on concrete.

I had an issue with my female and i just increased our daily "mileage" on pavements, roads, etc, and the results are very good.

My advice is to walk your dog on the concrete, stone pavement and check on a weekly basis.





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