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Does anyone of you from Sweden know anything about this food? http://www.nordichundfoder.se/
This is new in Iceland but here it's from Icelandic animals. It sounds good so I was wondering if anyone of you had an idea how it works on Irish Setters.

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It puts weight on!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not used it myself but have a puppybuyer that used it on her other dogs (miniture breeds) where it was great. But the setter grew very fat on it...so no more for that setter.
I'm very excided about this food.. Is it possible (without knowing anything about it) that she was giving him too much?
Now Egan is very slim but he's ofcorse only 11 months old. Do you think I sould skip trying this?
There comes a breaking-point on how little food (in quantity) you can give a dog.
In this case it did not work as it seemed that however little was given, the dog was still fat.
She was much better on normal dry dogfood where she could get a bigger portion and feel more satisfied after the meal than a tiny lot of Nordic.

On the other hand this was a bitch and in my experiance, most males seem to find it difficult putting weight in their early years.
But then, as with everything else, its all differs from dog to dog.

And NO, I would never advise against using Nordic, just as long as you are aware that it may have this effect.
Thank you Ursula for your answears. I think I'll try this on Egan and see how he'll response to it.
I have a friend who hunts with his English settrar and he uses nordic dogfood and he has only positive to say about that. Not bad in the stomach, no fur inconvenience. But it is well with everything else feed, inviduelt.Personligt sake I would not hesitate to try




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