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Oh boy Tiffany is suffering from Hypothyroidism!!!!

Hi all it's certainly been a long time since we posted on here but we hope all our friends on ES are doing well.

Tiffany has been to see the vet here in France now several times and just yesterday she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism..she has been given an initial one weeks supply of "Forthyron" the large amount as she just kept putting on weight and all the vet would say is we are feeding her too much which was not ever the case well in the end he had to agree before carrying out the test which as we knew would come back positive for hypothyroidism...has anyone had any experience of this medication and what else can we do to help our little (or now not so little baby) on the road to recovery...Tiffany as you know is now eight and a bit and inside this large body is a little pup trying to escape...you help and constructive comments will be very happily received...we love you all...Tiffany & Catherine-Marie.xxx  

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Thank you for that Fran. I can only open the 2nd link but will trawl the site later on for more info.

Hi Sue, if you can get into the link on dysbiosis, please do a search for Dr. Karen Becker and why animals need digestive enzymes, it should bring you back to the talk on malabsorption :-)

Fran, somehow my reply to say thank you for the info seems to have disappeared maybe you can see it? The vet gave Harry the once over yesterday  and said he was fine but he's not so am going to look at enzymes etc...the vet also mentioned malabsorbtion so depending on what the blood results show we may go down that route.....I can highly recommend Jean Dodd's book about the canine hypothyroid epidemic, it is easy and interesting reading.

Hi Christine, I did see you thank you then it disappeared :-)  Jean Dodd's. What can I say. Without her so many dogs would continue to suffer in silence.  Thank goodness for her.

Hi Catherine-Marie

I deleted my comment. Cornelia has shown the links to the information Dr Jean Dodds emailed me. I am feeling extremely stressed at the moment and got caught up in the discussion about Dr Jean Dodds and forgot Tiffany had already been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Whereas Hobson's own vet turned his back on him, Dr Dodds went out of her way to help Hobson. She and the Hemopet staff were all very helpful so do not hesitate to contact them. Cornelia has shown their email address. The book Cornelia has mentioned will be helpful for you. I wish you all the best with Tiffany. It is certainly a very worrying time. The same applies to Bridie and Harry. Susan

I am so sorry for all what is going on !!! Really hope to hear some better news soon from all of you :( such a stressful time. a big hug from us !




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