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Hello Setter forum people, I wonder if any of you have heard of 'Packlove?'

Here's the link to it, go have a look - http://packlove.com

It's invite-only at the moment, because it's in its beta stage and they're still perfecting and adding things, and we have four invites to give out, if anyone would like to join? I'm posting it here because there are not very many setters, particularly the red and whites are low in number! So we need to get more setters on there and show the world how beautiful they are! 

Here's the link to Finn's page, we'd appreciate it if you could click the little heart in the bottom corner to give him some love, because he's lagging behind his Labrador brother.


If anyone would like an invite, just let me know on here. Everyone who joins gets two invites to give out, so we can pass all the invites around if you get my meaning :)

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I would love to join, alway lovely to have a site where we can show our Red beauties.

I have requested to add you as a friend so I can message you with the link you'll need :)

Thanks Gaby, looking forwards to popping my fur baby on if poss.

Just sent a friend request your way too! You have to put those two on there :)




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