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Hi all, 

Firstly I would like to say what a wonderful forum! I've been a member for a little while whilst we were researching Irish Setters prior to getting our puppy and it has provided me with so much useful information! 

We now have a 10 week old puppy, she is absolutely adorable and we love her very much. 

She is however very toothy! We do know that that's totally normal and she will grow out of it and we have been doing everything we read about stopping play, ignoring her and then carrying on when she calms down. She seems to be getting less able to calm down now though and sometimes when you stop she sort of bark growls at you and lunges. I know she's not actually being aggressive but it does seem like it and it's making me concerned when I introduce her to people etc. Her teeth are very sharp and I'd imagine they'd hurt if they caught your face! She even sometimes does it if she's hyped up and I need to put her lead on her or pick her up to go somewhere (as she's not allowed on the ground outside yet).

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips about helping this problem? Maybe to help her learn to calm herself down? Ignoring her just seems to annoy her further... She's exactly the same with other dogs too, she just doesn't seem to know when to stop even when everyone's exhausted! 

The rest of the time she is completely affectionate and loves nothing more than cuddles on the sofa. 

Any advice would be very appreciated, you all seem to know so much! She is our first puppy and we have read everything possible, but we really want to get it right! 

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Hi, Hannah, I think she is absolutly normal puppy with a lot of energy. She simply needs lots of activities: playing, running, various toys -balls to chase, sticks  to fetch, congs with treats... The best way to make a dog calm is to make him tired. At that age she needs contact with other puppies. Try to find a playground for dogs, nearest park and let her to chase one another. Half an hour of wrestling with other pups surely makes her calm.




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