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Four years ago my little 11 month old was taken far too soon from us.  In the morning she had been off her food and very sluggish.  I took her for a walk and she was dragging along behind me.  I called the vets and by the time I got her there she couldn't even stand.  The vet took one look at her and said 'we have got trouble here'.  He looked at her gums and told us she was severely anaemic.  He took some bloods, gave her a steroid injection and told me to get her home but warned me that things were very serious.  He told me to get her to rest for a few hours.  Upon returning home I lay on my sofa and cried.  She lay in my arms, her muzzle growing cold, her breathing starting to falter.  I had to wait for my husband to get home before I could make the most painful of decisions.  As he walked through the door, she tried desperately to stand up and just collapsed on the floor.  We cradled her in our arms and as soon as we got to the vets he took us straight through as an emergency.  She was diagnosed with Auto Immune Himolytic Anaemia.  He told us her chances of survival even with blood transfusion was 10%, and given that her health had deteriorated in those few hours he said the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep.  I looked her in the eyes, tears streaming down my face, and told her how much I loved her and that I hope she would forgive me.  I walked out of the vets and collapsed on the ground outside, the grief of losing my beloved Eva too much to bear.  Four years on and the tears still flow at this time of year because I miss her so much.  We have our wonderful Ollie who we are truly blessed with - I only wish there could have been the two of them here because they were such good friends.

As part of her memory I urge you all, please - check your dogs gums on a daily basis.  If they are pale or brown in colour please get them to the vets.  For our girl nothing we could have done could have saved her - but regular anaemia can be picked up and treated. 

I know she is up at the bridge running freely as she should be, and we are so so happy with our boy - but little Eva, this is for you to know we haven't forgotten you and we love you just as much as we did when you were with us. xxxxxx

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Words are just not enough to say how sorry I am for you loss but I will definitely be looking at my boys gums from now on. So her life was although short makes you feel she was given to you for a reason to help others and knowing you cared enough to share. So thank you little Eva and Nicky. Yes I also cried bless your heart. What precious memories you have.

I will remember Eva along with all of the other lost. I am very sorry for you Nicky, that little Eva didn't get the length of time her life deserved. May i recommend Julia's tribute to her boy Dudley (Duke of Lancester) as some comfort to you,and indeed everyone else. Once read, never forgotten. My regards.

Nicky, with a lump in my throat I understand your grief, its a pain that never goes away and memories and thoughts that will forever be bitter sweet. You loved her and she loved you and that is all that matters. Its so hard to say goodbye especially to your babies (I mean all the reds as they never do grow up). take care. Julie  




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