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Hello again,

My 10 month old Nugget has just started having seizures.  He had two on Sunday, and one Monday.  All the seizures have begun while he is sleeping.   Our vet prescribed medication to stop the seizures when they are occurring and phenobarbital to give orally after.  We gave the medication to break the seizure Monday AM, followed by a dose of phenobarbital.  He has not had any more seizures yet.  I am hoping this is not a recurrent condition.  Nugget does not have an infection and appears normal otherwise.  This seizure condition was a total surprise.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I am contacting the breeder to see if any other puppies in Nugget's litter of twelve has had seizures.


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Hi Angela, You may not have got it wrong. I deleted my last comment because I do not feel I wrote this clearly and I had not realised that Sue had received the results from Hemopet. (It was late at night here and I was feeling exhausted).

I welcome any and all comments and perspectives.  That is how we learn.  It is also a great way to support each other just bouncing ideas off each other.  Keep the comments coming!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I myself am very thankful for every day with my adorable handful of a puppy!

Hi Sue,

I had an IS with epi, i know how frightening and difficult it is. How is Nugget doing?

Give him a big hug.




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