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Hi all

I know there are few here that live in Switzerland, and I was hopping they can tell me more about the life there. I am thinking of moving over to Geneva in my future, after I finish my University studies.
But, I have no clue about the life there. Obvioulsy I have an irish setter, working one, that demands pheasants, pigeons, and other upland game bird.

Is it possible to describe some of the major issues in Geneva?  such as: standard of living, cost of living, accomodation - (do people live in apartments or houses, which one is more expensive?), jobs? easy to find? hard to find? well paid or not? I am studying Accountantcy and Finance (internationally recognized degrees) as well as taxation but that is based on New Zealand law.
I am into fishing and bird shooting, are those sports well established there?

How are the people there? friendly, private, conservative? here In NZ mostly everyone keeps to themselves, mostly people socialize at work, In my neigbourhood I only know my 1 neigbour all others are very private. No one socializes with anybody. So its kinda taking the heck out of me.
Its not like in Itally, greece or france where people are more live-ly

Crime--- does it happen oftern?


Places to walk the dog- dogs?

I know Ganeva is very scenic and with all the mountains around, but thats why I like to go there, plus the fact that I come from Europe.

Oh, yes.... and are there any issues with bringing my dog from NZ to Swiss... Here in NZ if we import animals from overseas we need to have them in carantin for a certain period. I dont think dogs... but maybe them too. Is there any regulation regarding these?

Any other major issues, or things that I should think about?


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No Bird Games??? that is suprising...

Cornelia thanks for the info it is really usefull especially the tax info... it seems like people over ther get taxed allot...
you are quite right about that.... I am particulary crossed with overhunting, and dont appreciate it, and in swiss measure have to be taken for the chukar and grouse to be restored to some respects....

untill the early 80s in Macedonia where I come from there were pheasants, ducks and everything. Now there is nothing,,, and its pritty damn ugly, mainly because it ruins the food chain for other animals aswell. And because of this decline in number of birds, the eagles, hawks and harriers suffer much because of no food. So now they feed on the homing pigeons around the cities. and you can immagine how that goes when the wild interferes with the human....
I think Cornelia has already said all... Switzerland is not the best place to choose if you want to hunt with your setter... I think we have some of the strictest dog rules in Europe.
If Geneva is the town of your dreams, maybe think of living in France and working in Geneva. I don't know about immigration rules though.
Thanks to both of you that is some good information in there...
I am really disapointed that it is so strict in Swiss but on the other hand they have their reasons, here there have been attacks by dogs aswell and the idea of abolishing the ability to own such dangerous breeds like pit bulls, boxers and soo on has been criticized for quite a while, but nothing has changed yet. AT the end of the day its got to do with the owner no the dog.
Yes dude, move to France and work in Switzerland, France is cheaper and it will be easier to bring your dog into
the country too. Lots of game in France + in Europe you can travel to Poland eg. where you can train and find plenty of game to work on
OK my PJ's are packed! I will send you a postcard from France!!




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