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Today is the day, two years ago, that our beloved 11 month old puppy Eva passed away far too suddenly from a diagnosis of AIHA.  As I always said in her legacy, please please please always check your dogs gums as this is how you detect the anaemia which is part of AIHA.  For Eva it was too late.


To my darling Eva,

Today is a day that I thought would get easy but I sit here writing this to you with tears in my eyes as I remember the day all too clearly that you were taken to the rainbow bridge.

I will never forget the pain in your face, the bark that told me very quickly that something was wrong and you were suffering, holding you in my arms all day long, your muzzle growing cold, you asking us to put you at peace.  You were taken from us so so quickly that I felt I never had a chance to say goodbye as I wanted to. 

Ollie would have been a wonderful little brother for you and I know you look down at us and laugh whenever he gets chased by the cats and smile when you see that he is happy just as you were.  He lives alongside you and we carry you in our hearts.  Whenever we see a rainbow we know you are there, just the same as the day you left us and that rainbow shone brightly in the sky on our way home from saying goodbye.

I will mark your third birthday in a couple of weeks time here so that it keeps your memory alive. 

We love you so so much little Red Spirit, I hope you are running free at the bridge and know that one day we will be together again.  Say hello to the Amblins and the Cordarraghs who have passed to be with you and take care of them with your young bounding spirit.

Miss you red.   Always in our hearts.  You were my first girl and will always have a special place which will never be filled.

Mum and dad xxx



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Nicky that is so sad about Eva :(

((hugs)) for you

Nicky ,

  What a beautiful tribute to your precious Eva....she will always be with you in that special place inside our hearts .  Hugs to you as you go thru this sad anniversary.




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