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Hi again,

For some reasons Vito`s urine has been analyzed yesterday. I could explain why I was afraid he might have cystitis but tis would be OFF TOPIC. I am always afraid that something could happen to him, so... well, anyway..... :-) I thought that I´d better go and check before worrying too much...


The result was: No cystitis but the urine was (or is) too alkaline. We have had this result before.

I am wondering why Vito has this problem...I actually thought that his nutrition would contain enough proteine...The food he gets is called Acana lamb & apple(http://irishsetters.ning.com/forum/topics/large-breed-food-necessary)... every second day he gets raw beef or lamb with oil and vegetable from our own garden, yoghurt... His coat looks great and he generally is in an excellent shape, he`s doing well etc...

Would you recommend a food with no cereal at all? I can`t switch into BARF completely, this would probably help but what I can offer him is BARF light as I described.

He drinks normal amounts of water I think, loves to steal the cat`s food, everything seems to be just normal.

My vet gave me a paste called Urocid to acidulate the urine. It contains cranberries, smells awful, Vito loves it...! But isn`t this an artifical way of dealing with this topic? Doesn`t this only cure the symptoms?

What are your experiences with this?


Thank you.

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My dog eats usually within 30 minutes of hard exercise then lays down for his nap. And will eat somedays about 30 minutes prior to it also. But our last dog had major digestive problems and it didn't matter if he was laying around after eating or not, somedays it was in the morning upon waking even.
I think dogs with a tendency to bloat will do so without monitoring the exercise time restrictions. I agree in the wild, dogs don't set a stop watch after stalking and killing they prey before their dig in!
Hi Christine.
A while ago I had a dog that had the same problem - in fact I'm hoping my dogs problem was worse, for your sanity :)
I had his urine so alkaline that we would pee blood with pee (not even pee with blood) if he was under some kind of strees. We tried changing the diet some times and it did not work, we even tried a special dry food that he hated and did not touch... We never found why he had his problem, but what we did was putting some drops of lemon juice on his food every meal. Since we did that he never had blood in his pee again and lived a long happy life until he had to put him down due to cancer - that was not related to his urine problem.
At the beginning of the year we notice that Darwin had blood in his urine. He was treated with antibiotics for an infection and the blood cleared up, but returned a few months later. When they did the urine analysis for this infection, high bile acids were the only obvious abnormality. He then had the dynamic bile acid test - overnight fasting, blood sample taken, followed by feeding a fatty meal and taking a further blood sample a few hours after the meal. His bile acid levels were much higher than normal before and after the meal. A shunt or canine microvascular dysplasia were suspected. We had an ultrasound analysis and some directed liver samples taken, but no evidence of a shunt was found.
We still don't know what he has. He appears quite normal, but he can't really take a big amount of exercise - I was used to jogging for miles with my other dog, before he got very old, but two nights in a row of an hour's jogging leaves Darwin knackered for a couple of days! At the moment his only treatment is dietary - the vet has put him on Royal Canin Hepatic dried food. Before we always gave the dogs a mixture of dried food and cooked chicken or pate, more or less 50:50 mixture, but now Darwin gets only a little bit of meat with his dried food.

Has anyone had similar experiences or can give us a bit of guidance? I hope I haven't hijacked this thread, and I don't want to divert it from it's original direction, but there do seem to be similarities.
Hi, I have had the same problem three months ago with my puppy and after 1 month of Stien(in Italy), I think is the same of Urocid, and only Dry food in right quantity, because she ate a lot and she ate too protein, now she is well




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