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I dread this time of year when there is an abudance of wasps around, so please can anyone explain why Hamilton aged 7 years has a penchant for these things. I swear he can hear a wasp a mile off and no sooner is it visible to him than its days are numbered. At 4 months he caught one and was then at the vets having an injection as his mouth and throat has swelled. Last summer same problem and today caught it swallowed it and started choking. What is so appealing about a wasp?? anyone would think he was never fed.

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Maggie always ate wasps but never had a reaction.I avoid them like the plague as I am allergic to them.My current dogs don't bother with them.I hope Hamilton learns but at seven I guess he might not!

Piriton helps if they get stung.

My Irish also think killing wasps is in their job descriptions. They will sit and watch them for quite a long time before disposing of them and usually prompted by being first in if one of the others comes to see what is the fascination point. Not so good on the glass doors and windows where they snaffle them off!
Thank you to all who replied and I will make sure I have Piriton in the medicine cabinet. No need for wasp 'killer' in this house.

Fortunately my boys don't show any interest in wasps (touch wood) - flies - that's a different mattter!


I hope Hamilton does not come to any harm Lois. Ryan shows no interest......perhaps they are tastier down your way.




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