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What do you call your dogs (other than their name) and why?

Just reading the "do setters ever grow up" thread got me thinking about what we call(shout scream etc) at our dogs when they are misbehaving? 

For us Charlie (nutty boy) must think he is called "YOU LITTLE....". 

It never gets any further than that because before we can get to our chosen expletive he has generally done something ever so sweet to melt our hearts again. I'm beginning to think that he has a very well developed ability in trouble avoidance. 

So what happens in your households? What do you scream at your mutt and whats the longest anyone has ever managed to stay mad at a setter?


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Humm well, many times as a group mine get called the ratbags or naughty bugga's!!!
Amber is amber bear or amber pamber, elise is eliseybo or lisey, rory (irw) is rory bory or since he's still a naughty pup little s*** but in a nice way!! Jensen has the most names, although all mine are my No1 for different reason's Jensen's my man so its sexy beast, baby boy, mr muscles (30.5kg and not an ounce of fat on him) jenseny wenseny, the list goes on, but mainly sexy beast.
Can never stay mad at my lot, they are just too cute with too much charm!! My boy that I lost was Ollie bollie and he was far too cute, I'd tell him off for something and then have to turn away from him as I would end up laughing, that amount of cuteness should not be allowed!! :)
Oldest "Rua" is usually called Ru Ru, but affectionately!!
"Milo" is just "Milo" except when I accidentally call him Dónal(my son's name!!) I think they are so alike, big lovable boys;o)))
"Megan" is often called Maggot Ann when she is being willful(very often!!) strong personality;o)
"Cara" is also Cara Bara(dont know why!?)
"Abbey" is Abbi Dabbi, but when she is being a funny girl;o))
"Luka" is always "Luka", perhaps because he is a shepherd;o)
Baby "Laoise", just give her time;o))) She will get an extra name soon too;o))))
we just recently had this conversation just a few days ago. All of our dogs have their registered name, their call name and then they have THEIR name. Kelsey is, Pie Pie, Nash is, Nashie - with emphasis on the ie part, or Boo Boo, Ozzie is, Oy Oy, Cruiser is Bubba and Dixie is Dixie B or Doodle.
Haha, great thread :)

We call Amber - Amberdoodle, doodle, bambi, ratmonkey (when she's bad), sausage monkey (when she's good), baba, Amberdexterous, Amburger, Amby pamby, bundle, cheeky girly. And she isnt even 4 months old yet! So I'm sure there's many, many more to come... :D xx
I am sure I will think of some ,next November, give her a BIG CUDDLE from us.x Sue
Claire my James gets JimJam too!! I forgot that one :)
Henry gets called Henny, Henny Wenny, Henny Wenny Woo and H by me...his dad calls him "smelly old toad" which is totally uncalled for and I make sure Henry gives him a good slobby setter smothering every time he says it :-)




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