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When is the best time to neuter my Irish setter mix?

He is about 6 months and the vet said its time and I am worried that he is going to loose his scent that he has. Yes I know he has this smell to him thy I just love! Anyways any input will help thanks! 

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I'm not the first one to say go ahead and castrate, but there are times I consider it. However, none of my malesare ever castrated before they are at least 10 or 12 months old, to make sure their urinary sistem is completely developed before I go ahead and remove their hormones. I tnd to agree with Eva and Susan and leave them entire, but I do tend to castrate my male farm dogs.

I do it maily because I have no intention of letting them ever breed, and surely not with Pitanga or Romã. Having them entire means that when Romã is in heat, my males would be very stressed and would not be guarding the farm during that times. They are also loose in the farm most of the times, so I dn't want them to get distracted by heats from my neighbours bitches and trying to run off to the streets after them. 

If I had a male setter or any other breed that would not have guarding jobs, I'd try and leave them entire.

In your case, I think I'd only castrate if he is a very, very dominant pup (and even then, training classes will probably do a lot more good than castrate) if you have entire females and don't want him to breed with them ever (it'll reduce his stress and frustration during heats) or if you do have intentions of letting him loose unwacthed.

Hi.....I would suggest that you let your dog at least reach 18 months - two years before even considering having him neutered. 

If he becomes a sex pest, humping everyone and everything in sight or aggressive with other male dogs then thats the time to think about it.

You must let him mature mentally and physically.  

Don't worry about what the vet thinks, they make lots of money by needless neutering of young animals.


Thanks everyone. I have decided I am going to wait a few more months. 




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