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Hi All....very happy to see Canadian Eh... I have two Irish Girls. Irishfolkes Zena and Palarset Golden Airess. Glad to join the group!

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Hi Monica, glad you could join us. I see you have one of Pams' puppies. Where is Irishfolkes kennel located? I haven't heard of that kennel. I have one Irish Setter whose name is Russells' Feathered Remington (Remy) and a German Shorthaired Pointer by the name of Trapper.

Do you do agility with your dogs? It looks like you do by your picture for your name. I do a little bit with my local kennel club but that is it. Remy loves going through the tunnel. But then she likes the jumps as well.

Irishfolkes is out of Nova Scotia, Anna Gibbs was the breeder......Zena's is bred from Muldoon Dewitts Great One (Piper).

And yes......I have one of the Golden Litter.....Airess is 15 months old and she is a going concern!!!

Agility is our sport and we have done fairly well. Tunnels are not our favorite thing, the mouth is just 24" and Zena is 29.5" so she really has too work to get through. As long as they aren't hooked sharply its not so bad but it there was a teeter or a tunnel.....she'd take the teeter!




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