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This past weekend I was at a agility trial in Brandon and much to my delight there were 4 other Irish Setters there. Nancy Higgit had her Grady (8), Fergus (5) Flanna (3) and Ronin (4-1/2 mo). Both Fergus and Flanna were competing.

We had a great weekend qualifying in Master Gamblers, and twice in Master Jumpers. A poor approach to the weaves was our only fault in our standard runs but they were challenging runs. So despite the fact that we didn't qualify I was very pleased with how we ran them.

I took a few pictures of the 6 Irish and will post them once I download from my camera.

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Sorry you didn't qualify - but at least it was a learning experience.
How did the other Irish do?
On the Saturday both Fergus and Flanna did fairly well. They both were competing at the Starters level and think that Nancy got two clean runs with Fergus. On Sunday Nancy did qualify in Advanced Jumpers with Fergus. Flanna is fairly new to the sport so she's just getting her agility bearings. She is a joy to watch and when she is more comfortable she will do very well!




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