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When dog bring you a toy back how to have her give it and not drop to the floor?

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We LOVE playing fetch. I give Amber treats every time she brings me her toy. Am I right? But she ALWAYS drops it to the floor.
Teacher on a class said that if I put an open hand forward and ask her to put a toy in my palm she might get it one day. But SHE IS NOT GETTING IT. Is anyone having any success with it? (or I want to much from a puppy?)
I think either is a successful fetch - What I don't want is for them to hang onto it and it becomes a tug of war.
I would love to hear what others have to say on this.
What I tried – every time Amber comes back with a toy in her mouth I’ll reach and try to take it from her before she drops it. Would it work?
But usually she would bring me a toy when I am on the kitchen cooking, so I am busy and not always in time for grabbing toy before it drops.
I must agree Kim. Especially with me having my kids I have found "DROP" to be a much more useful command for GiGi to learn than "GIVE". She has gotten very good at it both playing fetch and when on the go with something she shouldn't have ;) She'll drop just about anything in mid stride and go looking for something that is hers! I don't want it to become a tug of war with my kids especially so I prefer her to just drop it rather than putting it in a hand. That's just me though. Once she is bigger we will probably work on both.
Now when Amber grows a little, I think she got command “give” better. She steals when she wants attention. Usually it’s socks. I don’t run after her, not to make it a game of chasing. I usually call her name, she turns her head towards me, and then I would tell her “give” and stretch my arm forward. She usually would come to me and give whatever she is holding.
My almost 5 year old bitch still steal clothes every chance she gets. My boys love socks and underwear -
So on any given day - one of them for sure can embarass me :)
But I wouldn't have it any other way - As long as they don't ruin anything.......
Sounds like Amber is getting the idea Inna - and that is soooo good. Give. Drop whichever word they respond to is the one to use :)
Actually – it reminded me about something I’ve read in a book. They suggest to rotate toys more often and not to have more then 3 toys out for dog at one time. Otherwise dog might be confused and take more then belongs to him/her. What do you think about that?
I have multiple dogs so I have like 50 toys out at a time. I know overkill - but they are always looking for that "special" toy. For a single dog that might work. I know when I wash mine and bring them out a couple at a time they all act like they are new toys and are soooo happy. I always go by the rule - if it is within their reach - then it is theirs. I know we all forget about shoes and socks - but they are like 2-3 year old children. Granted some alot smarter then others. Kibby has learned to stand on the bed and get socks off the dresser - Now how can you be mad - when he is just so smart ?!?!?!?
50 seeps a bit too much. She still tears her toys apart. But my daughter (how is only 7) love to share more of her toys with Amber. Also I am taking her favorite toys away, so when we play with it together – it’s a treat for her. And then I take it and hide again.




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