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the best method of learning is practising?
What are you thinking about choosing some theme, exercise to prepare new shots (or find in private archivs) and talk about it???

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Excellent idea - but could it be dog related? I am always after 'the ultimate setter picture' ;-))
How about close bond between man and dog?
Christmas is coming, we'll spend more time with our families and dogs.

Here is one of my favorites shots (taken by my friend). I like relations between us all. That's how we can show relations by showing them.

Here is Susan Mogony's shot with Darcy (blog from 7.12.) I like very much (maybe I'd like to change the frame - less dog, only head or even only eyes). That one shows how to present close relations not showing everything.

So could we think about it.

Another themes:
1. Lack of sharpness as an advantage in photography, something for Jarno:))) - use some fault or even create it to get some value.
2. How to take shots on the snow - very hard to get bright shots when is short of sun. Maybe only Esther Siegriest in Engadin has excellent conditions - I love her pics;))).
3. Fun with colors: red irish on red, brown background - it's autumn.
My contribution to the theme.

Thanks, Robert, that's a really nice shot. But it imitate a bit Susan's picture. How about another point of view?
Ok Anna. Here is another point of view. Close bond between man and a dog. But I am not on the photo, it is only a dog. But you can imagine that he is looking at me. He was sitting in my lap.

Hi, Robert, thanks for another attempt. That's very nice photo;)))
Yes, writing about "relations between us all" I was thinking as well about relation between us and photographer. Photos are always subjective and "talk" a lot about photographer, that's you who decide when to release the shutter.
Oh, no, Jarno, don't make a photography contest!!! Don't be so crafty!!! Probably you'd win;)))
I thought it could be instructive to see how people realise similar themes.
I can't fire a start because no one is interested in:(((
Perhaps you could start some theme - then others would follow you, for sure.
I tried to photograph our chess board and guitar from all angles for a while.... not quite achieved the desired photo yet but it's quite good fun experimenting....

Thanks, Nicole, for your trials. Could you give us data of both shots (aperture...)
Hi Anna, I took these in the normal auto mode, just with the flash off and using a tripod...




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