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At 12:24pm on October 22, 2007, Loma I. Clark said…
Welcome to the list Judi, please join the Proud to be a American Group. You can get to it by clicking on Groups above.

Loved your pictures. Your Molly reminds me of our families first Irish Setter Brandy who used to go to the river and lake with us and loved to swim and ride in the boat.

I had a Molly who lived to just short of 14 and passed away almost two years ago. I miss her too. Good luck with your new puppy and if you want to share, who are you getting her from?

At 1:20pm on October 22, 2007, Judi Schuerman said…
Loma, Thanks for the invitation! I will join the Proud to be an American Group!

I hoping to visit the puppy before long, if the weather holds out. I will travel to Washington and those roads can be awful in November.
At 2:09pm on October 22, 2007, Meldor-Sett said…
Hi Judi,
We wish as much happienes with your new puppy as with Molly. What will be her name? Show us a lot of her pictures, because puppies photos are the funniest;)
At 1:05am on October 24, 2007, ursula wilby said…
Hello Judi, good luck with the new puppy! I can see you live in the US, but where?
Rechecked the text on "my" page, you know the bit you said was difficult to read on the dark red, it reads ok-ish on my computer, but perhaps it depends on how the computer is callibrated. I shall have a go at taking that red away in that spot...you may not be the only one with problems reading...welcome to this site!
At 11:37am on October 24, 2007, ursula wilby said…
Nice to hear a bit more about you Judi! That is the great thing about this site...it covers almost the whole world. And so, appart from reading about other peoples irish setters, you also find out a bit more about life with dogs in differant places of the world! We have had some quite heated discussions about this! What is the norm in one place certainly is not in another. :-)
At 12:43pm on October 24, 2007, Meldor-Sett said…
If you are looking for a name for your new puppy, look in a celtic dictionary and you'll sertenly find something:) Good Luck
At 3:55am on October 25, 2007, Lise-Lotte Persson said…
Hello Judi!
I Like Your pictures! Whish I could go to some of this places ...
Sorry for my bad english, I never talk or whrite other language than Swedish before this summer, then I meet Mr Jingles and Aleksandra!!
At 4:33am on October 25, 2007, Laura Kolbach said…
Hi Judi, thanks for your comment. You should see my computer with thousands of photos and videos on it :-)
When does you puppy arrive? My little one's name is Dana which is a Celtic name (i call her Danka, this is the diminutive version of it), Dana is the goddess of fertility :-). Just type in 'celtic names' into some search engine and you'll be surprised about the outcome. Good luck!
best wishes, Laura and the girls
At 4:39pm on October 29, 2007, Jelena Kreitmayer said…
Hi Judy! Thanks for the comment :) he is really a gentle sweetheart. they are great, arent they? :)
At 6:24pm on October 29, 2007, Judi Schuerman said…
I love an Irish Setter. I love their gentleness, I love their "clown" like happiness. My Molly would not want another dog by me, she would come between me and a dog trying to be close to me. She was possessive or maybe I will say protective too!
What a great friend these animals are.
Best wishes, Judi
At 7:11am on October 31, 2007, Lise-Lotte Persson said…
Hello Judi!
Thank You for kind words about English-writing! I will go on an trying, hope You understand some of it;))
At 1:28pm on October 31, 2007, Agnieszka Rola said…
Hello Judi!
Thanks for your nice comment! On that video there are one irish - my Conner and one chocolate labrador - Efra :) I love to watch when they play, especially in summer and on a beach :)
I look forward to seeing your new girl.
Greetings from Poland!
Agnieszka & Conner
At 2:42pm on November 3, 2007, Mary Crumrine said…
Hi Judi !
I know you are so excited about your puppy coming ! I know for me my dogs are my joy in life, they are there to make me smile thru good and bad !
Our rescue dog Riley has brought us abundant joy since he has come to live with us! He and Sasha (our 9 yr. Golden Retriever) are great friends. Blessings, Mary
At 2:48pm on November 3, 2007, Mary Crumrine said…
This picture of Riley is from him laying on our country kitchen sofa...right after he came to our home. On the way back from picking him up from his foster home my husband and I agreed that we would NOT have him lay on the furniture like our setter that just passed this summer. Our furniture is well worn yet with having dogs on it we just don't buy new, I would like to purchase some new for people to sit on...needless to say...we won't be buying any new anytime soon ! LOL
I have always said there is nothing prettier than a red dog on green grass...guess that goes for a green sofa too ! LOL Blessings, Mary
At 7:43pm on November 3, 2007, Jane Guidinger said…
i liked the pictures of all the puppies. Hard to tell much at 4 weeks. Send me more as Faye sends them if you would. Stop by sometime. Jane
At 11:44am on November 5, 2007, Mary Crumrine said…
Hi Judi,
I read about your dog having picked a chair to lay in! I bought Riley a comfy bed for the bedroom and woke to find him curled up in my small tapestry reading chair. Of all the places to decide to sleep this can't be comfortable for him but it is where he ends up every night. If I can get him to settle into it during the day I'll take a photo to share.
We had company over the weekend, in fact she was the one who went with me when I bought my sweet Mahlie (12 1/2 yr setter) who passed this summer. She has fallen in love with Riley and couldn't believe how calm he is after the "welcoming" is over.
How soon does your puppy come?
At 2:12pm on November 5, 2007, Mary Crumrine said…
Hi Judi,
Reading "Spokane makes me think you are from Washington State? My husband is from Chehalis, Washington. Uto the last few years we would fly out and spend several weeks there in the summer.
At 2:15pm on November 5, 2007, Nadine Bonjean said…
Thank you for your comment and invitation!
At 3:41pm on November 5, 2007, Jenny Ronnebro said…
HI Judi! Thanks for your nice comments! Best regards Jenny
At 8:16am on November 9, 2007, Michael Tammy Doyle said…
Thank you so much for your advise. Were in the process of trying to adopt 2 Irish Setters. One is 18 months and the other is 5 years. How often do you groom these dogs? Brush their hair daily, what type of advise could you give? Tammy

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