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At 2:52am on February 22, 2011, Eunice Marott said…
let me know... we are selling our home at the moment so all abit stressful. Our car badly needs a service, I would like to come to the highlands have not been down there for a few years. Where I was working in the job before last I had a client who lived at Bowral. She was always asking us to come down but not really the thing to do with clients. Anyway we will keep in touch. Molly will not go in our pool during this hot weather or any time for that matter. Wonder how she would go with your IS who would be doing all the fun things mabe she would like that also. Love the pictures of yours in the snow. No snow in Avalon Beach. Please let me know when you know more and we will work it out.
At 1:39pm on February 24, 2011, Andrea said…

I am SO sorry to hear about your loss.  I too lost my beloved Jasmine to a liver shunt at the tender age of 3 1/2... she was diagnosed in July (although now know the condition was present long before being diagnosed) and passed on November 1st.  My life will never be the same without her and she will forever be missed.  May you one day find peace knowing she was a special part of your life that you will always carry in your heart.

At 9:48pm on July 30, 2011, Eunice Marott said…
hi di... just going through the site wondered how you were. I have been busy still trying to sell here. Bit of a nightmare but I think we are getting close. Molly has been in kennels because of being in season and we were away for a few days. She has hurt her tail by getting excited and banging it against the side of the run. I am am concerned about it and will take her back to the vet through the week.

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