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At 4:13pm on July 28, 2007, Laura Kolbach said…
Hi Lynn, nice to see you here! Laura
At 8:51pm on July 28, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Hello Lynn, Australia calling!
Lovely to see you and your gorgeous Irish here.
Best Wishes,
At 1:33pm on July 29, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Hi Lynn, welcome to the site. Hope to see some photos of your lovely dogs. One of my girls is a daughter of Romarne Rialto. Love, Alenka
At 4:43pm on July 31, 2007, Chris Sheldon said…
Hi Lynn

Found the site & added myself

At 7:55pm on August 2, 2007, Mary Merlo said…
What a beautiful puppy...love the expression and the substance!!
At 2:01pm on August 4, 2007, francesca Reynaud said…
hi lynn francesca from italy della blenda kennel your dogs are so beautifull and for a red lover a plesure to look at .beliving to see you in england may be whith my 3 irish.best regards francesca reynaud italy
At 4:28am on August 6, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Hello Lynn, great to hear from you.
Was very sorry I just didn't get chance to see you last year, but hope to be at the big Irish celebrations next year, so will look out for you.
At 12:35pm on August 6, 2007, Rosemary Kerr said…
Hello Lynn,
Nice to see you are on this site. How are thing in the UK? Still very miss the UK show scene. Hubby and I keep talking about coming back when we retire or win the big lottery! Love the photo of the little redhead. Looks a very nice puppy. Hope you are well and please give my regards to all.
Rosemary Kerr & The Kerrienna Irish
At 3:53pm on August 6, 2007, steve3dreams said…
Oh Lynn thankx for your kind words,we all love our Setters dont we. if i see one in the street here in Spain its a rare occurance, but hey if i do i STOP and do i admire them. We take ours to the beach and on the tourist fronts because i just love it when they get all the attention. x
At 12:00am on August 7, 2007, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Hi Lynn,
Lovely photos....I have added a few too. Starting to get the hang of it!!
So very sorry to hear there is nother outbreak of Foot and Mouth. Let us all hope it is not as bad as six year's ago.
At 8:03am on August 7, 2007, steve3dreams said…
Thats funny, i say to my Partner Fede, come on lets go and show off. We take the Dreams to the beach and especially Spirit he pulls me out to sea, i hold on his collar and he just goes like a dolphin. All the tourists stand and take piccies. Then we walk afterwards down the promenade all COOL while everyone just stands back in awe. Sometimes though the Spannish old women(god bless em) say silly things like '' oh look the dogs are sweating'' lol
At 5:58pm on August 8, 2007, Rosemary Kerr said…
Hi Lynn,
Great to hear from you! I do have to say both hubby John and I are quite pleased with "Paige's" Kerrsienna A Paige In History success in the UK ring to date. And was very honored that Pat Morgan believed in my breeding program and took the chance. I do know how many Irish Setter folks in the UK feel about the USA Bred Irish but quite honestly there are some very, very nice ones here. Others I don't really don't like their heads and overangulation in the rear with straight fronts. To date I have been extremely fortunate with my choice of stud dogs. and what our "Dana" has produced. She is still a lovely girl, somewhat overweight and getting some grey hairs now. One thing I have been able to incorporate into my breeding program is coat factor and solidified movement. I don't want to lose my brick on brick heads, nice lay of shoulders, short hocks, great toplines so was very careful researching USA pedigrees and to date have been able to keep all these good factors.How are things going for you and your Irish? I have always admired many of your redheads. Like you said we must keep in contact and I really do miss everyone and the UK show scene. No open Bars here at shows!!! They take showing dogs very seriously here. I do have to say I have learned so much more about grooming an Irish and will never be without a grooming table again. Once they are bathed they go down to my family room and there they are sitting on the table waiting for me. So much easier on my back.
Take Care and please send my regards to everyone
At 12:35am on August 9, 2007, ursula wilby said…
Hello Lynn, I have a three acre field with a wonderful muddy pond in it...interesting to get the dogs in to the house after a mudbath as well. I also live right by the sea, so wet setters are part of my everyday life. And yes, there seems to be a tendancy to wait with the shaking until the very worst moment. Like after a swim in the sea they wil rush up to me and then shake themselves...refreshing to see someone else has got setters that are not at all times suitable to be shown wearing evening clothes!
At 4:18pm on August 12, 2007, ursula wilby said…
You know, I hardly ever look at the show pictures, but yours just caught my eye! He certainly is a super looking dog!
At 11:34am on August 17, 2007, Kati Mäkelä said…
Hi Lynn!!

Lovely photos of you beautiful dogs, they are stunning :o)

All the best to you all,
At 4:14pm on August 17, 2007, Dušan Rauški said…
Such a beautifull dogs.

Best wishes
At 1:17pm on August 31, 2007, Kristina Brannlund Westin said…
Wow, your dogs are just lovely. The little pup is a real sweetheart.

Regards Kristina!
At 9:40am on September 1, 2007, Mirjam said…
Hello Lynn,

Marike asked me to say 'hi' to you!!!

Kind Regards, Mirjam
At 4:31pm on September 12, 2007, harriet said…
thanks would love to hear from you and your dogs
At 6:09am on January 4, 2008, ali drijfhamer said…
hi Lynn,
I think we have met at Kasia's house in Poland. How are you ? Just wanted to say "hello"
Kind regards

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