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My Ryver is 6 months old. She eats Solid Gold Wolf Cub Large Breed puppy food (2 cups 2 x's a day). We have had Ryver for 3 months now, and this is her second brand of puppy food. We had her on another premium brand of large breed puppy food and her stools were soft, kind of like cow pies. Changing to Solid Gold has not helped. Does anyone have any suggestions? At what age should I be switching to adult food? Has anyone tried probiotics?

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The age you could switch to adult food is when the dog is one year old. I don't know de brands you feed your dog but I know the problem. Since my girl is on the brands Acana and Orijen those problems are solved.
Well, first of all, does she have all the vaccins and have you gave her "parasite removal" ?(sorry, can't remember the right word in english)
You could test the stools to see if she has any unusal parasite.
I had the same problem with Pitanga, and tested her stools and she actually had a rare parasite. She was treated but it did not help (but t usually does!).
I switched food brands a lot until i found one that suited her. In her case it was Royal Canin. There are also veterinary brands that are specially made for dogs that are sensitive, and they usually help.
Pitanga started having that problem when she was 2 months old and was ok when she was 6 months, but she still can't eat the brand that started all this. Other than that brand, she eats everything without a problem.
The only small experience I had with probiotics are with cows, and I don't find that much difference, but hen again I don't have all that much experience...
With dog I have no idea if they help, but if they work the same way as cows, it won't harm her either!
i can only agree with Astrid. try acana or orijen. the best i've ever had. expensive? yes. but worth. though i hardly had any problems with other food. but i see and feel the difference.
Your ingredient list for that product has way to many ingredients for a setter. At least in our experience. I used Pro Plan Selects Puppy when Dublin was a baby and it had cranberries and tomato pomace etc in it. I alway use no corn or wheat foods for him. No Glutens. He also had runny stools and we then switched to the Pro Plan sensitive skin and stomach when he turned a year. It isn't growth food although I believe the fat/protein levels are the same as the product your using. Anyway it is a simple ingredient panel, so less likey to cause problems. Salmon and Rice basically. Many brands sell limited ingredient formulas but not usually as a growth food. Perhaps try a different brand. Are you in the US? There are so many good organic high end puppy foods to choose from nowdays.




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